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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness

I must say I like STID allot better then the 2009 one. Maybe because I thought they made the story fit allot better using khan and section 31. Section 31 which already existed in enterprise time. That they found khan earlier and stuff.
June 23, 2013 • 4:42 pm by nulian

Re: *RUMOR/SPOILERS* - Actor confirms role in 'Project Fedor

There are also 2 different actors now for the ariel role depending on if your main page or full character list.
February 11, 2013 • 6:47 am by nulian

Re: *RUMOR/SPOILERS* - Actor confirms role in 'Project Fedor

Just some imdb links are wrong in the imdb page of project fedora like suzanne barnes already had a imdb page. But the person created a new one and linked it to that. Send in an update to imdb to fix it as long as they accept it.
February 09, 2013 • 1:29 pm by nulian

Re: Timely Updates Page? Big Finish Games

They did say they gonna update the site a bit with a blog/backer section where they gonna post that kind of stuff.
July 05, 2012 • 6:19 pm by nulian

Re: Did Tex cheat Sylvia with Rhonda?

Haven't really seen the story of mean street but aaron did say he totally remade the story of overseer to make it a good story. Also renamed allot of the characters.
Its probably better to think of the last 3 games as a mostly remake of the story line.
June 21, 2012 • 7:30 am by nulian

Re: Pandora Directive Help!

Trilaan wrote:Go to the closet to the left when you enter that area, take the mop, use it on the mop bucket, then hide in the closet.
Yeah but if you didn't do that and go into that office you are stuck on dead.
June 20, 2012 • 4:40 pm by nulian

Re: Pandora Directive Help!

Always use increment safe while playing then you can always go back if you got screwed.
June 20, 2012 • 1:47 pm by nulian

Re: Memorabilia Draw

You probably need to make an account there anyway for dev posts and stuff like that. They said we gonna get an survey where you need to give you bigfinishgames account name.
June 16, 2012 • 8:38 am by nulian

Re: Big finish games forum feedback

Except originally making it I think bigfinishgames themselves maintains the site and not james.
June 11, 2012 • 11:53 am by nulian

Re: Big finish games forum feedback

This community existed long before a new Tex game was a rational possibility. Even the mighty CJ and AC themselves can neither rival nor control the awesome power of this place. Maybe UOTM should become OTM (because that's what it is), with all forum data moved to the BFG site, and the "unofficialt...
June 11, 2012 • 11:33 am by nulian

Re: Big finish games forum feedback

Maybe but this is still unofficial while those are their official boards.
Was thinking about that not too bad if they do that they already where posting here on this forum with important updates.
June 08, 2012 • 8:06 pm by nulian

Re: PayPal

As long as the counter updates when there's a new PayPal donation that's fine. unlikely it`s just a picture You can autogenerate things like that with a batch every few hours updating. Or just have someone in yo...
June 08, 2012 • 7:15 pm by nulian

Big finish games forum feedback

I know this is the unofficialtexmurphy site and most people post here currently. But i'm sure that when the project fully launches they are going to use their own forum allot more for updates and other information. That's why I made a post on the forum for some feedback about it. http://www.bigfinis...
June 08, 2012 • 7:01 pm by nulian

Re: NEXT GOAL $585,000

We only need 16k a day till the end to make it.
June 08, 2012 • 5:24 am by nulian

Re: NEXT GOAL $585,000

Might also be that iOS has 2 GB space limit. Just the original pandora directive needed 6 cd's which prob was around 2GB. Now with higher quality textures/movies the size will prob increase a fair bit.
June 08, 2012 • 3:44 am by nulian