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Re: Aaron Conner's website

It's back up with an update from Aaron.
April 08, 2020 • 6:46 pm by annie from OZ

Under A Killing Moon Black Screen on exit

After not having played UAKM for some years, and probably on an older computer, I decided to install the GOG version yesterday. The game works perfectly, but when exiting the game, all I get is a black screen and I have to reboot the computer to get back to the normal desktop. Has any one out there ...
March 17, 2018 • 8:45 pm by annie from OZ

Re: Welcome Back UTM

2017 marks the 20th year I've been on the Internet and The Unofficial Tex Murphy site was around then if I recall. I'd hate to see it disappear. Glad it's back up.
February 05, 2017 • 3:13 am by annie from OZ

Aaron's website

Noticed that Aaron Connors has updated his website with news on his forthcoming Tex novels.

I was sorry to read that he has been unwell.
January 08, 2017 • 3:15 am by annie from OZ

Adam Wolfe

Tex Murphy fans may enjoy this unusual hidden object adventure game called Adam Wolfe, a noir detective mystery set in a futuristic San Francisco. I've just played the first episode and I was blown away and totally hooked. Don't expect really hard puzzles, but expect wonderful graphics and a terrifi...
December 03, 2016 • 12:08 am by annie from OZ

Re: New Sherlock Holmes game is available for purchase!

When you first launch JULIA, before you select the HD version you prefer. JULIA Untold is down the bottom next to hints.
June 27, 2016 • 7:49 pm by annie from OZ

Re: New Sherlock Holmes game is available for purchase!

For a game developed on a very low budget by only two guys, JULIA is remarkably good even if old fashioned. I don't mind 2D old style games as long as they have a good story. If you purchased the GOG game there is a bonus game, JULIA Untold, which consists entirely of building circuits from blueprin...
June 26, 2016 • 9:43 pm by annie from OZ

Re: New Sherlock Holmes game is available for purchase!

Chandler, like you I'm not that fond of action games. I prefer a relaxing thoughtful kind of game where you can cruise around and explore the environment and solve puzzles. I've recently played two rather appealing games - JULIA Among the Stars and Goetia, which both had challenging and unusual puzz...
June 18, 2016 • 12:58 am by annie from OZ

Re: Life Is Strange - an adventure game

Thanks for recommending this game. I've just started playing it and think it's the most interesting game I've played in a long time -since Tesla Effect that is. It certainly sucks you in and the graphics and game play are very well done.
September 04, 2015 • 8:36 pm by annie from OZ

Re: Anyone super crafty/techie?

If you want art work for the Collector's DVD box, you all should have it at your fingertips if you downloaded the Tesla Effect poster. It is of large enough resolution to fit a big box.
February 23, 2015 • 3:12 am by annie from OZ

Re: Plumgas, got a question about your country.

Silvermitt, to answer your question about Australian Politics, the Conservatives who are also known as the Liberal Party, represent rightwing Australian politics. They are currently in power, and as has been reported, may not be elected for a second term, as they are very unpopular with the voters a...
February 04, 2015 • 10:15 pm by annie from OZ

Re: Where to get Overseer CD version?

I still have the GOG Overseer CD version on my computer. I can upload it to dropbox or somewhere else you suggest, or alternately burn it to a dvd and send it to you. It's about 2gb. Send me a PM if you're interested.
September 02, 2014 • 9:46 pm by annie from OZ

Re: What oddball, out of character sites do you randomly vis

If you are interested in etymology (the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history) or neologisms (new words) you can't go past the wonderful WordSpy
August 30, 2014 • 4:03 am by annie from OZ

Re: What oddball, out of character sites do you randomly vis

[quote="silvermitt"]Australian horse-racing? See, I never would have put those two words together, from a Midwestern American point of view. Au contraire Silvermitt. Australia has a proud history of horse racing and many of your own country men and women find Aussie horse racing more exciting than t...
August 28, 2014 • 8:18 pm by annie from OZ

Re: What oddball, out of character sites do you randomly vis

I tend to visit literary sites most regularly and follow several odd blogs. One of my favourites is an Astrology blog written by a very cool and sassy Aussie Astrologer. . The comments on her posts are worth reading as well. I have many interests and one of my life's obsessi...
August 28, 2014 • 1:28 am by annie from OZ