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zarathoustra wrote:
Bjyman wrote:zarathoustra I asked James to see if Aaron would release the source code for us, but still have heard anything, I hope we'll get it soon.
I doubt we'll ever get an answer...

I don't think you're being fair! I'm almost absolutely sure the code is not his to give away.
If you're so fired up about making one yourself, look no farther than Samspade or the other creative folks on the board.
making a quality game from scrathc costs lots, lots of time.
i'd rewrite an engine, if i had everything i needed.
But i'm not going to dissamble the programs to find out what i need, or start everything from scratch.
That wouldn't be interesting from a spent time/result trade off point off view.

And for the code, well, i can hear he doesn't own the rights for the code, but i'd like to know. Like that, at least, we'd know...
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At least Aaron could point us in the right direction.
Regarding the 'engine' you could probably get an adventure game engine somewhere online. I'm sure many people have made their own games and probably have their code up. I know of an engine for making a novel game but you probably want a full-blown thing.

For the engine it'd probably be done by the programmers for whatever company they were in if not bought off-site. I doubt Aaron's position dealt with the programming side, I think he already said in past interviews that he just gave them the general idea for an area and they went ahead and modelled it etc. So it'd be the programmers you'd have to ask. Therefore it'd be Access (now defunct) or Microsoft you'd ask.

But there's alot of game maker software or engines out there.
A quick Google reveals this one but there's probably more and maybe some with 3D support:

But I think even if you got the source code, it'd be ALOT of work... it's not necessarily easy to understand someone else's code/scripting and how to utilise certain things etc. Just based on another game where that happened...
The time that you spent learning their methods, could be used using your own methods if you already have a good grasp of computer game programming and 3D modelling etc. and if you don't it'd probably be way too tough to pull the strings of their engine anyway...

But I don't think Microsoft would give it away unless you were some liscenced studio with plenty of money to make it worth their time unfortunately.... Which is why I'm suggesting this... I don't think it'd be easy to make a new game with just a few fans no matter what though to be honest so maybe you could start with one of those other existing engines out there. If you want, you could even do this in Macromedia Flash! Of course on a smaller scale but like I say... big scale games have a whole studio of highly trained professionals working for high salaries where each person has to do a little piece of the work to make the bigger picture...... So smaller scale would at least get the job done. Which is kinda why Aaron is thinking of smaller scale projects too already, incase a whole studio isn't prepared to put in all that effort you say would be too much, as a studio also would consider the trade-off.Which is fair enough :)
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