'Poisoned Pawn' Novel Release Date!

Hey gang! Aaron Conners has posted an update to his website at http://www.aaronconners.net with some exciting news: Tex Murphy and the Poisoned Pawn will be available via Amazon on February 15!
AC wrote:On Amazon, any book that gets into the Top 100 of any given category earns a bestseller ranking”. And if it reaches the #1 spot, it will get a “#1 Best Seller” banner featured next to the title. The thing is, it's based on sales within a 24-hour period. Weird, I know. But achieving this would (1) be really cool, (2) bring more attention to the books and introduce Tex to a wider audience, and (3) hopefully generate enough proceeds to help pay for a new game.
Aaron also drops a couple other intriguing Tex tidbits in his update, so be sure to check out the details at http://www.aaronconners.net -- and mark your calendars for February 15 to help push Tex to #1 on Amazon!
Thanks for promo, James! :)

Just a heads-up: you can buy a signed and/or dedicated copy of the book directly from me.

As I explain on my website, I'd also like to see if we can get "bestseller" status for the book on Amazon, so for anyone who wants a paperback, but also wants to help make Tex a bestseller, I'm offering a deal: buy the Kindle version from Amazon on FEBRUARY 15, then let me know and I'll take $10 off the price of the paperback you order from me.

Thanks for all the Tex support and I hope you enjoy the new story!
Going to hit it hard on the 15th on Amazon! Even without being a Tex fanatic Aaron is a great writer and love his Tex books.
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