"Under A Killing Moon" Inspired And Inspiring

I first met 'Tex Murphy' way back when (about 1994). "Under A Killing Moon" was inspired and inspiring, capturing my imagination. (It was the first PC game I played. (FYI - other than the five Tex games, I have not played any other computer games.))

I support Tex Murphy community and have been a member since the beginnings. What I enjoy doing now is watching the play through by others and reminiscing.


Thanx ...
Ema Nymton
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#2 son brought UAKM home after its release and said it might be something I would enjoy. Not taking him too seriou, I decided to give it a try and the rest is history. I still have a huge collection of games, books, guides and other Tex memorabilia including some 'odds and ins'. For example: I have an Overseer artwork CD as well as Richie Havens' music CD from Pandora Directive, very rare. A certain member of this board also sent me some Tex Murphy posters, God bless his/her soul.

But that is not all. What about the international brotherhood which grew from the love of Tex? THAT is more priceless than anything we've encountered to date. Makes me think of those who once visited but are now gone, especially the likes of such dear ones as Aaron and Adina Zucker, Ripley, et al.

Then there was that certain group of Tex 'misfits' (I use that term playfully and lovingly) who provided me with a VERY special gift some years back. I come near to tears every time I think of their special efforts to provide this old guy with over-the-top joy. Love you!
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