Awful news about Justin

I feel bad I didn’t know long before his birthday but I’m glad to know now. I hate it when part of our gang goes to the great PI in the sky. It was too soon and I feel so sorry for his parents who must be inconsolable with how 2018 panned out.
Yeah I read about that on the Facebook group. Was he a board member here or did he just jump in the Kickstarter campaign?
"If at first you don't succeed,
redefine sucess."
- Sowden
Who? What happened? What did I miss? I'm not a Facebook person so I'm out of the loop.
I think justin appeared when the tesla effect kick starter was on and during the production of the game. I am not sure but I think he was involved in a bit of the music for tesla effect.
very sad and even more sad that none of us knew he had died until jan this year.
Justin passed away in july 2018. ... =4&list=WL
tex murphy is back in town