Aaron has sent the audio books! (And some Tex news)

I am listening to UaKM right now :D A little strange not to hear Chris Jones, but Aaron voice is nice and clear, worth the wait. It will be fun to compare the two Pandora audio books.
As for the news, Aaron is working on a book entitled 'Tex Murpy and the Poisoned Pawn'. Don't know how it will be, but the name sure is familiar :wink: And there will be two more in the future! Tex heaven, or will be if we get another game too.
Interesting news for sure. Thanks for posting it.
Ruben, I got the email yesterday as well. I've downloaded them and will be listening to them as I do stuff around my home today. I love, love, LOVE audiobooks! I get so much more done while listening to them.

It's so good to know these book recordings have finally been wrapped up and sent out now.
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I knew I wasn't the only one :)
They sure are fantastic. If you haven't, check Aaron Conners website, it is updated with info about Tex Murphy and some other books including one about the real life of a dog!
What prompted the emails?

I've bought the ebooks from Aaron back in 2014 with the production scripts etc but haven't had an email re the audiobooks. Did I miss something somewhere? I've emailed Aaron to buy copies of the new audiobooks now - can't wait! :D
The way I look at it: s**t happens (recordings didn't work right or something technical failed in the recordings?) inconvenienly because Murphy's Law never fails to remind us that a perfectly run machine (anything) only happens in our minds. An update as to where things stand is reasonable. I have no idea how many people got the email, but it stands to reason that those who pre-ordered the audiobooks were informed. I know a while back people were asking where they were. A few maybe had even sent emails inquiring. Perhaps he felt that reassurance was a good idea? I sure appreciate the email he sent.
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Aaron had a few personal issues this year but as he stated he is back on track now.
tex murphy is back in town
I think I mentioned in another thread that I hope Aaron's issues are all resolved, and I hope there were no unfortunate consequences. Best of luck Aaron.
Just got an email regarding the audiobooks.
The artwork on them is very nice.
I'm guessing these will be out very soon! :)
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Email today said the hardcopies are in the mail now. Some of you all should get them very soon!
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My audiobooks arrived today. :) Looking forward to popping them in and listening to them while I make Star Wars costumes. Woo-Hoo!
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