LGR Finds mint Tex games at local Goodwill.


I still regret tossing my Tex boxes. Sigh.

Stay tuned in, and he finds UAKM as well.

Nice, and both in good condition too.
Pretty cool. Too bad the light isn't still blinking. :D

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sam10100 wrote:Pretty cool. Too bad the light isn't still blinking. :D
I bet a new battery would fix that. The trick would be to get at the battery without destroying the cover. Maybe he could send the box to Station M in Bermuda?
I'm jealous of America's thrift stores, we have a few places in the UK like second-hand and charity shops but it seems like a bigger industry over there.
Having said that I did get my first Tex Murphy game in the bargain bin basket of a small independent games shop.
(Ruri_Ayanami from the old Tex Murphy ezboard).
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