Recent email notifications

Hi Everyone,

You may have recently received some email notifications about new private messages, which directed you to a link at "" These emails were an unintended result of a data transfer I initiated as part of the development of the new UTM site.

Rest assured, your account has NOT been compromised and the site has NOT been hacked. All is well, and I'm sorry about the auto-generated "spam."

If you have any further questions about this, don't hesitate to PM me. Thanks all!
That's exactly what someone who hacked into James's account would post.
Damn, dcat151, you got me!
Oooh, I love Drupal! This is gonna be exciting :D
48 messages, lordy be!
Just got an email from Twitter saying my account was hacked and my password had been reset.



PS: I didn't get any of the messages mentioned in the OP
Part-Time Nomad
I got about 5
tex murphy is back in town
how come I am receiving a email notification today when no-one has posted in this thread
tex murphy is back in town