Test My New Under A Killing Moon Utility (UAKM GPS)

Due to all the activity I thought I'd whip out something. Go to the Downloads section and check it out. This utility will work if memory addresses in the Under A Killing Moon Gog version do not change. If it works it will allow you easy access to sections in the game. An outline of the following functions.

Travel Button (On or Off)

Sometimes the game locks the travel button. Well not anymore with the exception of the travel screen you should pretty much have free access to the travel button anywhere. If you see it locked click the Travel On button. Then click on the Combine button and then Resume. (For some reason modified values don't occur in real time.) You should then see the travel button pop up. If you don't have access to the combine button you'll have to click on the inventory button first. For customization freaks I also included a option to disable the travel button.

The Talking to X Buttons

These change the value of the character you're talking to for a saved game. Each character has their own number value. Go to an A/B/C conversation with someone and then click the button of the new character you want to visit. Save the game with the updated value and load the saved game. You should be transported to the new character.

You may not need to be in an A/B/C convo interface in all instances. Also transporting to Alaynah's Bastion convo causes you to get the nowhere screen if you don't rescue Alaynah first I don't think it's a fault in my code, but has something to do with the game's flags. There also may be similar scenarios. However the nowhere screen is no longer a dead end because you can simply travel out of it by activating the travel button.

The Location On/Off buttons.

These are glitchless and self explanatory. Enables or disables a travel location.

The In Location Buttons and Moon Child Hallway

These work like the character buttons except you have to be in VR mode. Save a gave after clicking a button and it now thinks you're in the specified different room. I put Moon Child buttons in because you can't get to the Moon Child in the Travel interface. The Moon Child Hallway button will actually make you enter in the VR interface wrong, but you can correct this by going through the Emergency Access Door. (Never thought you'd be using that door the opposite way did you?)

More "In Locations" could be done for a later version, but with almost 100 buttons I'm running out of space. So go ahead to the Downloads section, test it, and tell me if the code works.
what`s it for?
Yes, what will it be good for?
Allows you to explore places in the Under A Killing Moon world easier. Say I want to have a conversation with Eddie Ching for a Tex meme. Well it's a lot easier to make that happen. You can also use the Travel button to escape from setups that would normally be death sequences, like going to the Bartender without the silver dollar.
After further examination I have discovered that this utility is DosBox config sensitive. Which means the utility currently only works on the default DosBox config file for Under A Killing Moon.