Attention! Attention!

So excited!!! :mrgreen:
I am stunned - thrilled. I have been browzing this forum for news for years. Tex was not just a game, but a shared experience by many that was thrilling and totally immersive. They didn't let Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stop Sherlock Holmes, and thus we shouldn't let our PI die either. Will be tuning in!
But that's like 4 days away, I don't think I can hack the wait. Oh hold on I've been waiting for 14 years so i guess I can wait. I hope tex has aged better then Indiana Jones. Uakm was my best game until the pandora direction. Please oh please let it be a new tex Murphy game.
the word has spread about this news to other game forums already but.......
why do they think it has to do with kickstarter.
tex murphy is back in town
maybe, it`s not only Tim Shaffer`s fault... but Brian Fargo`s too
and people want CJ/AC to be the third old school developers to join kickstarter marathon
and give them some money
christ this news is flooded all over several game sites, I hope to hell its all what we want to hear.
A lot of mistrust around, no-one beleives chris jones posted this thread......LOL

James has even posted that its legit.
tex murphy is back in town
Well, it is kinda hard for just anybody to log in as an admin. That does require special permission from James, after all.

Can't wait for Tuesday!

As a backer for Double Fine I gave them a link to the post on the comments section and they're drawing their own assumptions.
VERY excited. Will do as instructed!
What an exciting message! We may finally get the news we are waiting for in four days. :))
Holy $#it ! A dream come true. Waiting 14 years ...
Let's make it happen !!!
WOHOOO. :lol: This is exciting, cant wait to hear the news. Lets hope its what we all have been waiting for..
OH YES!! (Scream and run around in circles with hair on fire).
Ho god,I nearly had a heart attack :) 3 days to go I can't wait 8)
countdown: 3 days to go
tex murphy is back in town