Three Cards to 11:30

Dragontoad, it's obvious from your two photos that they are in fact not the same guy taken directly from Cyans Myst Cover. You can see hair flowing on the TCM guy, and he has no shirt outline like the guy from MYST. The feet and hands are shaped differently as well.
My guess is that it is a piece of Clip Art graphic. Most are free and have no license. Remember, most companies are designing as cheaply as possible which = as much public domain as they can.

Jes my .02


woot post count is midnight....where are my 3 cards?
lol yeah stoopid
yeah maybe its a clip art, that might be...

but i'm sorry, lotus_j, in my opinion i dont think there's any doubt that those are the same graphics. the hair flowing is probably a result from a photoshop blur filter applied to it, so is the outline... but i don't want to be a troll or anything, so just don't want them to get in any kind of trouble. but probably that's ver unlikely anyway so... ;-) nothing to worry about ;-)
Yeah, I agree that it's the same base image used for both, but it looks like the Three Cards one may have more detail - supporting the idea that they came from a common art library.

gee some people have eye's like an eagle.
tex murphy is back in town
not at all, i've got pretty strong glasses (contact lenses, respectively ;-)) but i'm a typical fanboy i guess ;-)
You have to remember how cheaply Cyan made MYST. They used hypercard for the programming! I'm certain they got the image of the falling man from someplace else as well. Still the men are DIFFERENT. Whether photoshopped or not they are in fact now different. CYAN can't copyright the falling form of a man unless they tied it to the MYST copyright which wouldn't have been approved because it is to generic of a symbol.
Look what I found...
Can I just say....

very very very excited
Excited here, too...saving my Christmas money for this. Good thing it shouldn't be later than February, as the money is already burning a hole in my wallet!
Hey JD!!!! I was just thinking about you today! GLAD to see you posting! How's the kids? Like the avatar, looking forward to tonights episode, I'm in Hawaii!!!!! Yay!!
Maybe the whole falling Myst dude is an "homage" to the adventure game scene as a whole. Maybe it's a non spoken nod that adventure games are coming back in a big way and Myst-falling-guy is the symbol of the new era. Maybe it's in fact the symbol of a secret society of adventure gamers secretly controlling world's oil supply. Maybe the image tore through the fabric of reality to warn us of impending DOOM! IT'S A SIGN! That or maybe he just replicated it because he thought it was cool and changed it just enough so that it's potentially not sue-able. I dunno just throwin' that out there.
Maybe the little fella will become the Wilhelm scream of games. You go little guy!
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Jen wrote:Hey JD!!!! I was just thinking about you today! GLAD to see you posting! How's the kids? Like the avatar, looking forward to tonights episode, I'm in Hawaii!!!!! Yay!!
Hey, Jen! Good to hear from you. It must be cool to watch the Island from the Island, eh? What a great show...come on, Wednesday!

We're all doing well - kids and dissertation keeping me pretty busy!

Enjoy your trip! (which may well be over by the time I get this posted...)
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Love it! Glad you're doing well, look forward to your posts. :D