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Wow a game that will stay true to the adventure genre that could use live actors. This is good news. Hope the current project does great. But who says we can only have one game? There's enough in the trilogy for three!
Hi Aaron, thanks so much for stepping in at such a time of need, it's very reassuring. I only have 1 request if the game does not go ahead, please stick around with us and be a regular member and ask Chris the same, at least the memory of Tex Murphy can live on.

One thing though Aaron, is there a way that we can make the final TM game a team effort? Example: not sure if you're aware, but a company called Alternative Games developed a game called Full Moon In Sanfrancisco. Many of the staff on board comprised of voice actors, artists and writers from around the world (me included) who sent their contributions via internet which would eventually result in the finished product.

I've been thinking, is it possible that we could do the same thing for Tex? We have many talented people who can write, act, draw and program, I can contribute toward acting and writing, maybe even producing. While the game won't be to the standard of previous titles, it's at least something. And what a better way to send Tex out with the whole family making it happen?
Great to hear from you again Aaron. I wish you all the best with your alternative project and hope it becomes very successful so as to open a few more doors towards the further adventures of Tex Murphy. Its very good of you to keep us informed and I look forward to hearing how things develop. I think no matter what form a new Tex Murphy adventure comes in, as long as the base elements are kept intact that you listed (e.g. characters, humour etc.) it will be very enjoyable. Best of luck.
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Holysmokinggargantuanpiecesofmonkeydungwithreesespiecesinthembatman! He's back!! With better news than before! He's also drinking tea! Without all the bourbon, we at least know something is getting done! Hooray!

Sooo great to see your name here on the board. You know those little bumbs you get on your arm when you something really exciting is about to happen? I just got those reading your post. My day just became 100 percent brighter.

Hey, I still wanna be the bum who lives in the dumpster outside of Clint's Cocoa Cabana. I can act. Kinda. Seriously.

No, but in all honesty, my day just became better. I haven't felt this way about a "possible" release in a looooong time.

FRED! I'm having a little trouble procuring Stephen Hawking's brain. However, I may be able to use the storm trooper squad that I've amassed to raid the facility where it is being held. So far, on the squad, there is me, my dog bitsy, my brother, and some guy who had a will work for food sign. He's actually the best of us all with a gun, so we're making him point man. But I will keep you updated ... THIS WILL WORK!

PS - Send food. Or else we lose our point man.
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Wait wait wait, this is a website about getting Tex Murphy back? I thought we were all hoping for a CHiPs Reunion special. Hmmmm I guess I'll have to figure out what this Tex stuff is, because apparently that dream that is Erik Estrada back in the Gray & ... Well Gray, will never be again!

Nah, with all seriousness, this is great news and I'm as poised as ever for any and all news of a new Tex Adventure. I don't know, maybe i'm just better than you all (rolls his own eyes at how silly a notion this is :P) but I never lost any faith :D But, with that being said, everyone could use a pick-me-up from time to time.

craig wrote:nearly brought a tear to my eye :), the next 2-3 months are going to be very long

Indeed. I'm antsy already. But, I guess I've waited this long, what's a few more months.
Sweet Jesus, my heart just got a massive jump start for the morning. I don't know when I've been so excited. Great to hear from you Aaron, and good thoughts are all I've ever had for another Tex. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

Oh my, the anticipation! I still have an old computer here to play Tex and whenever I look at it my hand starts moving the air-mouse running after the black arrow killer.
Me and my mouse can't wait!
Oh my!

*puts on stupid grin*
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Looks like me posting that post about me losing faith bought this great news alight... :) Which is what I was hoping to archieve lol :)
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Like a cool breeze on a hot, sticky summer day your post was. Thanks, AC!

BTW, if everyone rented and watched The Secret then the future of Tex is guaranteed.
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Thanks for stopping by, AC! Great to hear from you Aaron. I will look forward to hearing more information in the next 2-3 month when you post here again. Best of luck in your progress and hope it will become successful. :D
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Jim, I actually read the Secret awhile back. It's true. The laws of Attraction. It can change how you approach living your life. I was first introduced to the Law in a book called "Excuse me, Your Life is Waiting!"
A realy great news A.C. krosing finger for the next months

On a side not i can quit computering any time i want to, i just ehh dont want to. Hence i made my wife as adicted as me so we both can sit behind the PC at the same time, Not wanting to quit.
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Hey Jen! As Jonathan Winters would say: "I saw the movie but I missed the book." However, the book is on my "soon to read" list.
"If you look to me for illumination, you better have a flashlight!"