Rank 'em!

New guy here, hope you don't mind me butting in...

1. Pandora
2. Tesla
3. Mean Streets (yes, Mean Streets)
4. Overseer
6. MM

Okay, so the curve balls are definitely the high ranking for MS, and the relatively low one for UAKM. I *loved* Mean Streets -- thought it was so ahead of it's time, and I first played it only 6 years ago. It was my first in the series, and I quickly devoured the rest (thank GOG!). Loved UAKM as well, but I thought the acting and story writing got better as the series went on, and as such, it fell to 5th (but just narrowly).
Tough one, especially since I haven't finished TE, but here goes:
  • 1. Pandora
    2. UAKM/Tesla
    3. Overseer
I did find some of the open spaces in TE a bit pointless: e.g. why was there soooo much open space in Tesla Labs, without almost nothing in it? It almost seemed like the game was made harder simply by having so much territory to cover. I also agree the puzzles could have been more difficult.
I really liked the atmosphere at the Tesla Legacy Society. It had me feeling like Roswell or GRS did in the old games, but I do agree it's a bit sparse in places. It would have been nice for there to be some more stuff, even if it was completely optional, and definitely more Tex quips. Too much couldn't even be examined.
Still taking my time through Tesla Effect, so this is a ranking based on where I'm at right now (Day 8, Tesla Labs... yes, I'm going that slow. I'm trying to savor it just in case it's another 16 years!).

1. Pandora Directive
--- To me they took what they learned in UAKM, perfected it with this game, and upped the ante by providing multiple paths. Fantastic gameplay, storyline, and performances! Here's how much I loved this game: When I played The Matrix Online I ran a guild called The Enigma Directive and I was captain of the hovercraft called Pandora. :)

2. Tesla Effect
--- It's tough for me to rank this above UAKM because I still haven't finished it and UAKM is such a classic. However, I think the way the long hiatus between games has been handled has been fantastic and woven perfectly into the storyline. The gameplay has been great and this is pretty darned closed to the way I've always wanted to see Chandler Ave.

3. Under a Killing Moon
--- It's hard for me to mark UAKM as #3 when I've had some of the old midi music as part of my playlist for years, but it pulls up a little short based on a few technical glitches (can't complete torn note puzzle), some of the chessiness was a little too cheesy, and the worst acting of the the entire series is found here (Sylvia). That said, this game set the precedent for an entire genre of games and REALLY introduced us to the Tex we know and love.

4. Overseer
--- I remember that before this game was released I sent Access an email asking them if this was just going to be an updated version of Mean Streets... and I had a hard time shaking that throughout. Graphically, this was much better than UAKM or PD, and Michael York was phenomenal, but the game had been rushed which showed in its brevity and inability to continue progressing forward with some of the concepts that had been introduced in PD (like multiple paths). The lack of the Chandler Ave. base left me a bit disoriented and all these years later makes me realize that while it's been 16 years since we've seen Tex, it's been even LONGER for the likes of Louie, Rook, and Co.!

Mean Streets and Martian Memorandum aren't even on the same planet as the FMV games, but I will say this. My first introduction to Tex was as a teenager on a Commodore 128 in C64 mode playing Mean Streets. I spent hours jotting down notes and playing detective, channeling an inner passion, while searching through the locations that reminded me of playing Maniac Mansion. There was arcade fun in the shootout sequences and the speeder mode was challenging. It was a very ambitious project with some great gameplay memories that made the decision to buy the FMV games when they came out a no-brainer.
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1. UAKM, Pandora
UAKM - My first Tex Murphy game. I was absolutely amazed by it.
Pandora was as good as UAKM for me. A bit different, but also 10/10 for me.

2. Tesla Effect, Overseer
Overseer has better music, Tesla Effect has better graphics. Both very good games.

3. Mean Streets, Martian Memorandum
I haven't played them. I tried several times, but the graphics and interface is just too irritating and old ...
I was a backer for Tesla Effect and only just played it / finished it a few days ago.

The graphics and FMV quality was excellent and the acting overall was probably the best in the series. Only downsides, too short in places and too long in others (Tesla labs)

The story was ok-ish - not as good as UAKM, TPD or Overseer in my honest opinion - a little confusing at times too. However it was great to see the gang back and how Louis and Rook have hardly changed at all! The long gap was handled well also

My rank (not played MS or MM yet)

2. TPD
3. Tesla Effect
4. Overseer

3 and 4 are very close to be honest, but the superior acting shades it for TE
Wow, I haven't been here in about a year. Had to sign in for this. Here's my rankings:

1) Pandora Directive - Overall the best put together product. Good tone, story line. Acting is superb and the art design improved greatly over UAKM. This game had the best tone of all the Tex games. I may be a little biased as this was the game that triggered me getting into film making.

2) Under a Killing Moon - The first game that I played on our first purchased PC (not a hand me down). This game has the strongest nostalgia factor and introduced me to Tex. A little too campy, but a good underlying story.

3) Overseer. Bought it as soon as I saw the blinking light on the shelf. (Mine still works!) It took 2 years to find a computer able to play it. Finally got it running and hammered through it in a weekend. . . then waited another 14 years for the next one.

4) Tesla Effect. Was a backer to the Kickstarter as soon as I heard about it. Convinced a few people to also contribute to it. Very happy this game came out. It was great to finally get back into the Texverse. Overall though, I was a tad disappointed with the story. I liked Tex's story, but not so much the Tesla part. Found that to be weak. Still liked it though!

5) Martian Memorandum/Mean Streets. I don't own a physical copy of MM (only one on my list) and have MS on Commodore 64. I also own them on GOG.com. Just haven't cracked into them yet. It's like watching a silent film, you have to prepare yourself to enjoy it properly. I'll get to them eventually.

So that's it. I really had to think about putting them in an order. UAKM, Tesla & Overseer are so close to one another that it was hard to pick one over the other. Really looking forward to Poisoned Pawn. Man, I really miss this place. I used to come here so much more often. Hopefully things will pick up a little more around here.
I am sure the poisoned pawn will be topping them all. Have no idea when we will be able to play it
sometime this year I hope.
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Hey gang! Remember me?

My ranking:

1) Pandora - I believe it's literally impossible to dethrone this.
2) Under a Killing Moon
3) Hard to decide between Tesla Effect and Overseer, but I think the former edges ahead, at least for now; so far I've played TE only once. It certainly had some claims to greatness and some sinking disappointments alike, but overall it was a decent game that I look forward to playing again if I ever get a PC that's not a Chromebook (my only gripe about the Kickstarter was that a tablet version was a stretch goal I pledged for and we reached, but it never transpired).
4) It's been 15 years since I was able to play Overseer because of its infamous compatibility issues, but although there were definitely things I enjoyed in it, I think Rebecca Broussard's portrayal of Sylvia just tanked it for me--the only thing not boding well for Poisoned Pawn IMHO.
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Ok, here's my rankings :

1) The Pandora Directive : one of the best adventure games. The story, gameplay, multipathing, characters, soundtrack... a big improvment from UAKM. I've never experienced a videogame so immersive and perfect.

2) Tesla Effect : the game was not perfect (especially the second part), but still, I replay it like it always belonged to the saga. The music by Bobby James is as good and immersive as the music of Matt Heider.
I still dream that there will be, one day, a definitive edition who would repair the narrative problems, include all these deleted scenes, add some background story documents to read and delete theses horrible flashbacks in Chandler avenue.
(I finished my first playthrough with the Chelsee ending... it was so fullfiling to end that cliffhanger on a so high note).

3) Tex Murphy Overseer : the most serious game in the series. The best acting, and the most emotional moments. The passage with J. Saint Gideon is one of the best performance of the saga. The linearity of the game fits well, since it's a retelling of a story. I can't wait to see what chaotic fusion is going to do with it.

4) Under a Killing Moon : The first Tex game I've played. It's a great game, but it has many flaws and is sometimes too goofy for me. I would have loved the game to be more like the novel.

5) The Murphy radio theater, NSFW Videos, the books, the comic, the making of. I love the fact that the Tex Murphy series is not only the games.

6) Mean streets/martian memorandum : i played both, and didn't liked them. Maybe a bit too old now.
Like others, it's been a long while since I've posted here but finally remembered to check in when I had some time. The list is ranked by personal subjectivity:

1) Under a Killing Moon - First Tex game played, so probably the most impactful.
2) Pandora Directive - seemed like the "fullest", most complete game to me.
3) Tesla Effect - also not through it all the way but enjoying it all so far. Rank may shift when done :)
4) Martian Memorandum - Older games can be compared to the newer in my opinion, even limited sound and graphics were way cool back then since had never seen the like before. Great gameplay and storyline.
5) Mean Streets - Good but tough! Finally had to go autopilot on the speeder & shot infinite times!
6) Overseer - good game, no doubt, but mostly remember very long soliloquies more than the preferred quick quips. Plus remakes very rarely get ranked above the original in my book.

Honorable mentions to two other access software games with Chris "Tex" Jones' involvement (if not his face) that get my recommendation for playing if you can find: #2 - Very old game, tough also, had a running clock that you had to finish the game by, "Countdown" was the title I believe. Get Scorpio!!! hahaha; and #1 Amazon, Guardians of Eden - Favorite video computer game of all time!!
I didn't play Tesla Effect yet, but I think The Pandora Directive is best. Dinner with Chelsee Ending. Damn, how do I love Chelsee!
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