The Poisoned Pawn - July 2017 Update – New trailer and info!

The Poisoned Pawn- A Tex Murphy Adventure - July 2017 Update – New trailer and Con info!

Hello dear Tex Murphy fans! High time we had another update on The Poisoned Pawn, don’t you say? New Trailer Firstly, you may have noticed a new trailer released today. This latest trailer was created to showcase the game at Awesomecon (Washington DC, Mar/Apr), Salt Lake Gaming Con (Salt Lake City, July), and the upcoming... ... -con-info/
Just checking in to say hello.

Been VERY busy at my end of the world since graduation but also been following the development of this the entire time. Really stoked at the latest screenshots. Cannot wait.

Is there any chance of having some NPCs wandering around? ... 4673542144

Now that would be interesting.
The problem isn't to have NPCs walking around, it's more how you would make them fit well in an fmv game. It would look weird to see NPCs in close-up and have a transition to FMV or vice versa unless you haven't have at least a photorealistic looking character, imo.

But we're thinking of it what could be the best way to do this. It's planned somehow....
Definitely in favor of anything that makes you feel like you are not the only one in a big city. Need some kinds of signs of life out on the streets.
I'm thinking 3D scans of the developers, plus some of the behind-the-scenes people at BFG. I know, I can just hear the groans from all those people, but I still think it's a good idea. How bout Matt as a baby being pushed in a stroller by his lady? :lol:
Chandler wrote:How bout Matt as a baby being pushed in a stroller by his lady? :lol:
I'm not against this idea.

-Cub. =o)
Chandler wrote:I'm thinking 3D scans of the developers
not so sure about this part
atta boy Matt. I think it would be fun.

@karenC, c'mon, get into the spirit. There should be some fun in Tex games. Long time fans will get a kick out of seeing people they know about being in the game, and newcomers will be none the wiser so... no harm, no foul.
Don't forget that there's been a long tradition of video game developers placing themselves within their games. There's a huge, possibly endless list of examples (some of which include TM). Here's an extremely abridged list of examples:

- Doom 2: John Romeros severed head is found hidden behind a wall in the final level for the character to shoot which actually ends the game. Use ghost mode to find it.

- Max Payne: the likeness of the titular character in the first game is actually based upon the story writer of the game, Sam Lake. Not to mention all of the little easter eggs which nod to the 3D Realms team

- Metal Gear Solid: Hideo Kojima shamelessly shows his mug