Better Audio for UAKM & Pandora

So after 23 years (more or less) I learned something I never realized about Under a Killing Moon and Pandora Directive. I was watching this video today:

8-bit Keys - "The Best Sound for MS-DOS Games - Roland MT-32"

It got me thinking about old DOS hardware and better audio from old video games. Well the Roland MT-32 (the device in the video) is compatible with both UAKM and Pandora! If you watch the video, it will enlighten you as to what I'm talking about. Anyway, I was quite surprised how well it improved the MIDI music in the game. Well, I got it to work with UAKM, but Pandora I am having issues with. The game crashes whenever I try to switch to the Roland MT-32. Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone here knew the device existed or that it was compatible with the old Tex games and I thought I would share it here. It seems to work better with the old Sierra games and the Lucas Arts stuff, but I know there's fans of those games on here as well. Try Googling around if you're interested!
I watched the video. I don't have access to an MT-32, but I figured, by now, there must be emulators available. I found one called MUNT. I downloaded it, but it doesn't come with any ROMs (most likely due to copyright/patent restrictions). I found a couple of downloadable ROM packs and downloaded them. Unfortunately, they didn't work: I can't get any sound when trying the MUNT console. Oh well.

ps. if anyone has hints/tips/ROM packs or download links, please let me know.
Here's an alternate video about the Roland MT-32. (I think it's the exact same one actually.)

It has some further information for anyone interested in trying out the improved sound. Also some alternate methods and games that it works with. So far I've only gotten it to work on UAKM. Pandora hangs up on me when it tries to switch to it. Anyone else have any success?
MT32 works really well with Under a Killing Moon. Have used it myself on various play-throughs over the years.

Unfortunately, itt never worked with The Pandora Directive. The integration of the MT32 tables were broken in the programming. This is a known issue that was never resolved, and never will be.

When I remastered all the tracks from the UAKM and Pandora MIDIs (a LONG time ago now) I used a very similar method, using a more robust MIDI sample set to reproduce the instruments with higher quality.

-Cub. =o)