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1 Stunde hab ich auch noch...
UndyingSpite wrote:1 Stunde hab ich auch noch...
Ja, lasst uns alle in unseren Muttersprachen reden, damit die begreifen, dass es in Japan schon Mittwoch Mittag ist. ;-)

I can't sleep tonight without knowing what's going on! :D
I'm german too.

25 mins left to Wednesday :P

Come on.
If it really is kickstarter, they'll probably don't have to much control of when it will be launched. Anyway, I still hope it's soon. It's an Adventure and it needs the momentum of German Adventure Fans when it's released. :-D So release it before we all fall asleep ... ;-)
AWESOME...AWESOME...AWESOME...AWESOME!!! I cannot say it enough!!!
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Allright !!! Bring it on !!! :-D
I am delighted to hear this news.... I will donate whatever i can in may...
Hope this will bring our long wait to an end.....

-Kivanc Avci

Yippee! I'm so excited about this! :mrgreen:

I've been a long-time fan of Tex, and this news prompted me to join up. :)

Can't wait for 15 May. You'll definately have my backing! :D
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Holy friggin Moly! I resurface for the first time in awhile and all THIS happens. I need to find the testimonial thread here, should be good reading.

As I've learned the last few months, the Kickstarter model has accomplished some pretty amazing things. There is no shortage of cool YouTube appeals I've seen from industry 'legend' type guys.
It's nice to hear the creators are inspired to do this. The YouTube clip was great.

I don't want Tex to die!!!
I know what you mean! I was a little late too, and then I checked the fourms and was like :shock:
Kage wrote: I don't want Tex to die!!!
Me neither! Image
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