Under A Killing Moon Speed Run

For those who are interested I am now doing Speed Runs through the Tex Murphy games. I finished Martian Memorandum in under an hour and will be doing Under A Killing Moon tonight around 9 PM EST on my channel www.twitchtv.com/bjyman. Hope to see you there.
Looking forward to it Blair!
Tex Murphy: Australia
I really, really wish I could watch. My connection jus can't handle the stream, I don't think.
I'm not fat ... I'm festively plump.
Will be there!
"It's a three-sixty! *CRUNCH*....He's fouled..."
And it's time!
I beat Under A Killing Moon in 48 minutes! http://www.twitch.tv/bjyman/b/321705887. I suspect my time was so bad in Overseer due to the streaming and program I use to make it windowed.

Speed Run of Pandora tomorrow same time.
Post here before you start ;)

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Bjyman wrote:I beat Under A Killing Moon in 48 minutes!
not much actual gameplay, huh?
It doesn't help that you can immediately solve the Crime Link computer, which means you don't have to talk to Clint in this game.
Alright I'm getting ready to speed run Pandora in a few minutes. This is Mr. Big so to speak so I'd be surprised if I can beat this under an hour.