Yet Another Let's Play

I invited a friend to join me in playing through Under A Killing Moon. I've recorded Day 1 so far, and part 1 just uploaded to YouTube:

He's not played the games so I thought his fresh eye would make it a little more interesting. More parts tomorrow!

For those who don't know, Let's Plays feature someone playing through a game while commenting on it, akin to a commentary on a DVD. Resulka on YouTube does some excellent ones of the Gabriel Knight series.
Just a quick update to say all of Day 1 is up, here's the playlist!
Days 2 and 3 are up also now (I think 3 is the best so far :) ) Playlist link above!
"Yet another"? I was not even aware of the existence previous ones! :wink: *goes to dig through the message board*
People are crazy and times are strange
I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
I used to care, but things have changed
-Bob Dylan
Just a further update to say UAKM is now complete, and all the parts are up! Hopefully Pandora will start soon ;)
It's always nice to see an Let's Play by a guy with an accent
I don't have an accent! It must be you with the accent :wink:
It had to happen. The Pandora Directive Let's Play has begun! You may also notice that I've peppered the videos with links to the Kickstarter at the start of each day, and over the credits of UAKM. Here's the playlist for the Pandora Directive: