Livestream - Under a Killing Moon

I play random games and use livestream to stream them. The announced Kickstarter for a future Tex game got me interested in replaying UAKM. I'm not sure the etiquette around here so I won't post a link to it unless there is genuine interest and it's ok to do so. Will be playing around 7 PM PST tonight 3/26.
This sounds cool! Is there a YouTube link to this or another way we can watch it after the fact?
What's that? Playing the game and others watching you play?
with popcorn!
Demonlawyer wrote:What's that? Playing the game and others watching you play?
In its most basic form. But a lot of game broadcasters also do live commentary too (which can be very entertaining depending on the broadcaster). They also interact with the viewers via a chat room (game-related discussion, jokes, questions, idle talk, game help (if requested) etc.).

Sorry I saw this too late JamesInDigital, I tend towards more than Livestream. But great to see people broadcasting the game as I'm sure it'll make more people aware of the series. I know that a popular broadcaster on Twitch who gets hundreds of viewers (or over a thousand on a good day) mentioned they may broadcast the series soon so that might get a few more Tex fans if its before or during the Kickstarter.
(Ruri_Ayanami from the old Tex Murphy ezboard).
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