Three Cards to Midnight FAQs

I'm so excited I'm buying the game even if it won't run on my system. May easily buy more than one copy....

PS - My main question - when do you think we can pre-order?
I plan to buy a few copies, I'll give them out as presents... So even if the person doesn't play it, at least the copy was bought and paid for...
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Well Aaron I was going to wait for the Blog Talk Radio Show for some questions any may still call in but I'll shoot what I got off now.

1. Can you give us more details about what format the game will be in? 2d/3d/FMV.
2. What systems will the game be available on?
3. And also the gameplay. Is it an adventure game like Tex?
4. You've said this game will open the door up for a new Tex Murphy game. Can you elaborate more on how it will do this and possibly what budget you'd hope to get for Tex?
Aaron, sorry, I decided to be greedy and ask a third question :D It just struck me then, i'll do my best to make sure it's my last for this thread.

Question 3:

What type of distribution are you going for? Box release, STEAM, play online....?
My turn! My turn!

Hi, Aaron! Pleased to ask you my first question ever.

I can hear some familiar voices in the trailer, are they actors we had already met before in some detective-in-the-future games ? One of them eventually have the same voice and tone than Michael York. Is he...the man? :shock:

Greetings from France!
sory 4 da spayling: im franch!

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i been thinking alot about this and the only thing i can think of is this would this game use only text speach and is there a optopn to relisten or make the text bigger

jsut a thought to make my life more easy LOL or i jsut get aa even bigger laptop with lcd screen.
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