A couple Audio Clips from the game

These clips were meant to be played during the interview last Monday.

I don't think the guys will mind me sharing them. If they do, down they go. However, I don't think this will spark any controversy but it may cause some more speculation.


You need someone to protect you?

The plot thickens.... 8)

The second clip? Love the background wave sound effects. I'm not even going to try to spell the name that I heard. Wiki didn't look promising.
Well the guys are most likely upset that I didn't get to playing them. They did go through the trouble of preparing them for you all to hear.

I haven't even tried googling or anything the word she hears.

I'm certain it will spark some conversation. That is one reason I'm upset I didn't get to play it. I do have it out there now though.
As we all found out.....there was just too much news for 90 minutes. :mrgreen:

But as you said, it's out there now.

And perfect for stirring up the interest again. I was on the prowl looking for screen shots, but this was very nice surprise.
Shouldn't have listened to that second clip drunk, at 1h30am and right before going to bed. Hello nightmares!

Thanks for sharing Lotus! I'll try to make more sense of it when I'm in the actual possibility of doing so. First clip alone makes for an interesting tease. Normal 30-something conversation with mother takes a twist for the suspenseful and intrigue.
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"And you're almost 30. You should be happy someone wants to marry you at your age."
What? What?! WHAAAAATT?! :shock: :x

Honey, the only correct response to a comment like that is a smack across the face even if she is yo' momma. :evil:
It is clearly the old enemies of Doctor Who, the Sontarans... :p

Pirates, vampires, zombies, ninjas, ghouls, aliens, goblins, monsters, robots, sorcerers, undead, werewolves, demons, mutated dinosaur-cyborgs and those pesky phone salesmen! The shotgun is a one-size-fits-all solution!
Incredible crash of two fictional worlds colliding as it would be, sadly I don't think it's the Sontarans... :wink:

Clips sound very promising though!