Who is lying?

There a white lie from the Chandler ave regulars Louie and Zack Williams. Our best buddy says Zack never eats at the Brew and Stew, but the Electronic shop owner tells Tex he loves Louie's cooking.
I know it doesn't really matter, just commenting :)
Zack's lying... cause he's afraid of getting his butt beat up by the new and improved Tex!

That's my best guess.
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Yes, that's the most reasonable explanation.
And I'm nothing bur reasonable ;)
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silvermitt wrote:And I'm nothing bur reasonable ;)
Your nose must have grown at least a foot after that comment :P
Heheheee.... You got me.

Hey, Chandler! Since I got your attention, remember when I told you about the Star Wars costumes I was making for Halloween? Well, the family went to Tri-Con here in E'ville, IN over the weekend. I took 2nd place in the adult costume contest (as Zam Wesell), and my daughter took 1st place in the kids contest for her Jedi Bultar Swan. Dorian has a new Jango Fett costume, but wore something else for the contest. Willow hasn't ever won a costume contest before, so it tickled her pink!

My costume is nearly complete for submission to the 501st (the bad guys online global community). Only movie accurate costumes are accepted. From the reaction of Indiana's group to the quality of my costume, I'm on track to being really close replicating the actual one used in the movie. It's gratifying to know I can make quality wearable art.
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Well, I guess congratulations are in order :)

BTW, I don't know Zam Wesell. Was that character in any of the movies?
Chandler wrote:Well, I guess congratulations are in order :)

BTW, I don't know Zam Wesell. Was that character in any of the movies?
Oh, heck yes!! She had a whole 5 minutes. Well, I think it was anyways. Yeah, she was short lived but had some kick butt armor. Also, I look better in it than trying to be a 6 foot tall, pasty white skinned, bounty hunter with a bald head (okay, she did have a red sprout of hair, but really? EWWWW!) and an atennea sticking out of her skull. LOL! Those are the only two choices I had for a female bounty hunter, and I did it to play with my kids on Halloween and such. I guess I just wanted to make my kids proud in a small way.

I'm not going to make a mask, I'm just going to be Zam as a human.

Here is a link to a picture of Zam, if you want to see:
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