Just read two posts over at the BFG forums regarding the shot glasses. Apparently the glasses are NOT in boxes and instead are wrapped in the t-shirt. Do not merely pull out the t-shirt. Carefully lift it out as the shot glasses are apparently wrapped in that. I haven't received mine yet but I wouldn't have thought the glasses would be wrapped in it. The two contributors to the aforementioned thread have apparently smashed their shot glasses.
It would be nice if BFG replaced the few broken ones, and forewarn everyone else (if that's possible). Maybe your post will help out. I felt sorry for those guys you mentioned. I'd be heartbroken about it myself were it to happen to me.
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Sounds like we need a how to open your box video tutorial.
Well there's tons of unboxing videos on Youtube but I think it's more an unwrapping video needed here (for the T-Shirt wrapped glass).

Sorry to hear of those who ended up with broken glasses. :(
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Fortunately, due to the forewarning posts, I did NOT break our shot glass.... yay! :D