A thread to collect all Tesla Reviews out there

Hello all, I am new here! *happy wave*

Like many, I preordered the Tesla Effect from GOG (I did not know about the kickstarter until it was over!) and starting playing it right away. I love it so far - I am on Day Five and working on the collecting the symbols.

I thought we could collect some of the reviews that are out about Tesla Effect into one thread.

Here's one from Geek Citadel on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dYRYAchR7A (Article here: http://www.geekcitadel.com/2014/05/09/g ... adventure/)

IGN: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/05/07/ ... ure-review

Cliqist: http://cliqist.com/2014/05/07/tex-murph ... -reviewed/

Leviathyn: http://leviathyn.com/pc/2014/05/08/tesl ... as-loaded/

Fangirl Confessions: http://www.fangirlconfessions.com/tex-m ... ct-review/

Finally, metacritic: http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/tesla ... -adventure

Find anymore? Add yours!


Also, I am playing this game on my channel and, in each episode, I encourage people to support the developers, buy the game and play it along with me! I am doing my darnedest to drum up sales for this game!

Watch it here: http://bit.ly/TheTeslaEffectPlaylist
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Total Biscuits Review (and a bit of a history lesson).
Tesla Effect gets 4 of 6 from the Norwegian newspaper VG: http://www.vgtv.no/#!/video/82320/level ... smash-bros
I started a thread on the BFG forums to collect reviews: http://www.bigfinishgames.com/please-po ... views-here
Well, PC World just posted a review:
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure review: You might not want to crack this case

That's the actual title. What people see regardless if they click the article or not! :x

"HURR HUUR im clevar!" --Hayden Dingman. Most of the "review" is spent whining and crying about the game being tooooo haaaaaarrrd.

AAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhh!!! Eat a ****!!!!! ffffffffffffffffffffff


Leave a comment and tell this Dingman jagoff that he's not even being fair here.
Reviews are one person's opinion. Some people like certain kinds of games, others don't. It's not a very detailed review with any real examples of his arguments against the game, but I also felt that the second half was a bit of a chore and I think that had to do with some story pacing issues and plotlines. But hey, that's just my opinion. Read the IGN review if you want to get angry, the guy openly admits from the get-go that he despises FMV games.
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His three-star rating seemed fair to me. What's not fair is that the headline, which appears in Google search results and site links and is often the only part some people will see, gives the impression that the game sucks. Which is rude to do to a 3-star game. :x
I agree about the title, but I thought the review was, overall, a little more positive than you seem to think JJ. Yeah, he complained about the 2nd half of TE. I don't really agree about that. I think his real complaint is he hates 'assemble the pieces' puzzles. We like them, so pffffft to him :P
I apologize. The PC World review isn't bad. I used the donald duck rage gif too soon.

This one from ABC.net IS BLOODY AWFUL!!! :x
http://www.abc.net.au/technology/articl ... 019479.htm

This jagoff just hates everything about TE. Even the things we love. He entitled it "the crime of nostalgia" and pretty insults US are well as the game! :x Read it. I'm not making this up.
Alex Walker, wrote:Tesla Effect is a train wreck. Fans of adventure games know it, the gaming press knows it and even people with no interest whatsoever can smell the rhetorical steaming pile a suburb away.
Screw you! I hope you break a bone or two. Dead ****ing serious.
Alex Walker, professional jackhole wrote:Tex's prospective suitors do actually give rise to one of the funniest moments in the game, where Jones' acting fails and his intended incredulity comes across as sheer revulsion mixed with mild constipation.




You ****ing ****er.
It's interesting that a lot of reviews neglect to mention that this was a Kickstarter funded game, which essentially means that it was developed for the fans who wanted a game that did not deviate from past incarnations of Tex. The one thing that a lot of them agree on (as do I) is that the game comes to a screaming halt once you reach Day 5.

I used to work for the ABC so I wouldn't put much faith in what they have to say anyway. We got what we wanted, that's all that matters.
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Folks, can you-all please take some time to leave comments on that review article? You don't need to create an account for it. I just want people reading to know that people disagree with this jerk.

http://www.abc.net.au/technology/articl ... 019479.htm
I posted this:

I feel strongly that, with this review, you entirely missed the point. This was a KickStarter project, which means it was a project by, and for, the fans of Tex Murphy games. Big Finish Games made no bones about the fact that they created the game to bring satisfaction and closure to the long-time dedicated fans who hung in there for 15 years. I feel that reviewing the game outside of that context is disingenuous. Your failure in this instance is in not considering, perhaps not even understanding, the entire context of the game when doing the review.

You may feel that the context isn't relevant. In that, you would be wrong. This game was paid for by the long-time fans. Is it at all surprising that BFG tailored the game to them? I would hope not.

If there is a follow on Tex Murphy game, it might be appropriate to review that game in the context of video games in general, and adventure games in particular.