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Chandler wrote:Yes, I don't understand the comment about "didn't do as good as expected saleswise". According to SteamSpy (http://steamspy.com/app/261510) there are over 320,000 owners of the Steam version of Tesla Effect. That's a lot of people buying the game. In the world of indie games, it's a huge success.

And remember, that's only Steam buyers. For example, it doesn't include GOG sales. Granted, Steam sales are a huge percentage of the market, but they're not everything.
As someone else already brought up, those figures do not mean "sales" as much as they mean "copies obtained". In many cases people got the game via the Humble Bundle. But the saddest part is: most of the people after that particular bundle were after the other games included and not interested in Tesla. Which meant most of the bundled Tesla codes were handed-off or given away on key trading sites. In my opinion, doing the Humble Bundle was a terrible decision.

Anyway, also remember that a LOT of the copies are obtained during sales periods, which can be painful for games that are not as popular. Not to mention the 3rd parties that get a cut of all sales for each mechanism.

Let's just say that the game did OK. But definitely not well enough to fuel much optimism.

-Cub. =o)
Hmmmm, interesting. So, did Tesla make a profit at all? I'm not trying to pry into BFG's finances; I'm simply hoping they didn't lose money on the venture.
Right now Tesla effect is number 10 on gog, but it is on sale. I assumed it went well, it won nearly all adventure gamers awards, but that may be a different story. Of course, Tex Murphy is more expensive to do that your regular adventure game, so they may need another kickstarter to continue the saga. Well, time will tell.
I cannot speak for BFG or speak on behalf of anything related to finances, firstly because it is not my place, and secondly: I simply don't know.

But I will say, on a personal note, that however well the game did financially, I will remain optimistic about ONE thing: It has done well out there in the adventure game community, and as such: over time will be revered as a great title!

Myself, along with fellow Twitch streamers (like TheWeekendSlice) have not rested, tirelessly continuing to promote the game on all channels. It was this dedication that got the game played by the likes of: Total Biscuit, Jesse Cox, Dans Gaming, and more recently: AlaskanSavage. All in front of hundreds, sometimes thousands of live viwers.

From these viewings (aside from the always prevalent "WTH? This a game? A Movie? Haha, wat"? comments from kids), the streamers LOVE the games.

-Cub. =o)
LOL. Yeah, apparently a lot of people don't get the concept of an interactive movie.
Tesla effect is already a classic for me, I thank you and all the team form the awesome efford. I honestly think it is the best game ever after The Pandora Directive, and that is saying something. I am a bit sad so many people missed it but, as you say, it will get recognition with time.
And hopefully, it will be my third favorite game in the future. :)
Chandler wrote:Next game? I like the optimism :)
Me too! :D
Truly yours,
(С уважением,
I keep waiting for my lottery win and if/when I do, Tex is getting a heap of cash from me.

It just needs a lot of luck. :o
I've been saying the same thing for years :)
Ruben wrote: December 18, 2015 • 6:36 am Well, after all this time I had the 5 Tesla effect endings. It's been a highly rewarding journey, but I may have missed something. In the trailers, you can see Tex with Chelsee at the office, also you see Slade in the Tesla society. Are these parts in the game?
Another question that I don't think has been answered: Which ending will be the official one? I hope we discover it in the next game.
G'day Ruben,
There were many many FMV scenes omitted from the game for a variety of reasons. The one with Slade ended with him killing Tex and it would mean you were thrown way back in the game [and torturous if you hadn't saved all the way thru - it was deemed too much of a negative to stay in - personally i thought it was great because it would teach a morality lesson]. Originally you had an option to save Ault [Chelsee's "husband"] when Slade shot him - you could let him die and go after Slade [who would get away] or be selfless and save him. This one decision would have dramatic consequences down the line. Basically if you let him die - Chelsee shows up at the office after Tex is arrested and tells him he blew it [2 versions of the same outcome but one was more tender] Also Slade kills Tex at the Tesla Society. if Tex saved Ault he would be rewarded with ending up with Chelsee. Alas, this option was removed from the game. Also there was one version on the top of Coit Tower where Slade survives which is how he ended up at the Tesla Society, but since this option was deleted he had to die in all versions at Coit Tower. There were many Interactive Conversations that were deleted and turned into basic FMV video scenes that were not interactive [so many funny lines that were dropped]. Even the musical number was omitted [yes we did shoot a song and dance number - it was edited, but sadly due to time and $ was never composited. I hope one day they will release the sequence as a bonus for fans, even it is just the green screen version. I hope this helps you out....As to an official ending? My bet is on the Ariel one referring to the White Russian. And I don't think you've seen the last of Dalton Fiske [or Slade😉] ~Dalton Fiske