Overseer review video

Well, it's done. This is the thrilling conclusion to my three-part review of the Tex Murphy FMV games. I hope you guys have enjoyed them, and if you watch this one, make sure you stick around after the credits. :D



Tex - "Was the picture of me flattering at least?"
Lucia - "Is that even possible?"
My sincerest thank you for giving the Tex Murphy series the love it deserves! That was excellent!
That was an incredibly well executed fight scene!!!! Watched it loved it, and what a great thrill at the end!

THANK YOU so much for giving Tex some well deserved exposure!
Nicely done! I enjoyed all of the Tex Murphy Episodes. Thanks for giving Tex a little exposure.
That's what i get for being away from my computee for a few days. Loved the video!

Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.