I've harpooned Overseer

(I know this likely belongs in Tex Support, but this is more emotional than technological)

Open this link in a new window or tab and then start reading the rest of this post for full effect:

I've done it. I've gotten Overseer to work on DVD as God intended. My White Whale has been defeated.

I finally got it to work by installing Windows 98 SE and buying and installing PowerDvd. I am so happy, but more relieved. I've spent money and many, many hours trying to do this. It wasn't like a normal tech problem; it was a project for me. I've gone through unbelievable crap trying to get this work. The list is here if you must know:
http://www.unofficialtexmurphy.com/mess ... f=3&t=1803

I can barely even start playing. I'm exhausted! I feel like I've already won.

Now.... let's see how far I get without it freezing! :P
Congrats... I hope you get all the way through it without freezing... There are some who have posted in the Support Forum that have had problems with Overseer and would greatly benefit from your efforts...
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Congrats! Enjoy it!! :D
(Ruri_Ayanami from the old Tex Murphy ezboard).
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Do I hear the jaunty theme song for Mission Impossible going on in the background?

joliet_jane wrote: Now.... let's see how far I get without it freezing! :P
Not going to happen my friend :D

The game has bugs where you'll have to switch between hardware and software just to get to the end of the game. (the mexican ruins was the bit I had the most bugs with- crashed so much)