Question about Sneak Peak Pandora Directive

I was at car show / swap meet for auto parts and I came across a table with a big box PC game on it. After picking it up I noticed it was never opened and it was a Tex Murphy game - The Pandora Directive. The guy had no idea what it was and said someone sold it to him that needed gas money. So I bought it for $5 with the intent to bring it home and install it and enjoy it. The more I looked at the box the more I wondered about the words sneak preview copy. I checked on line and I can not find anything. All the other copies of the game I have found, their pictures do not have that on the front and they all have a different back to the box. I was wondering if anyone on here could tell me anything about this. I do not want to open it if it is something rare.

Not sure how to post pics here, if we are allowed too.
It's kinda cool, but essentially it's the game without all the manuals and swag inside and a white sticker on the box under the shrink wrap.
No different than regular game.


I think an unopened box after all these years will hold some value though, especially the longer its unopened. But that's just my view