Pandora Directive: #9 of all time??? Pffffft!

On the BFG website there's a link to's top 100 adventure games of all time. They rate Pandora Directive 9/100. I say PFFFFFFFTTTTTT!. I threw up a bit in my mouth :?

They rated The Longest Journey ahead of Pandora. Are they kidding? My wife and I played it. It was good, but we both felt, even when it was new, that it didn't hold a candle to Pandora Directive (which we're playing again right now).

I realize these ratings are completely arbitrary and they're like you-know-whats; everyone has one, but some of their choices make me nauseous. Sheesh!

Here's the page: ... 43/page20/
That's a pretty good accomplishment for a top 100 list.
Yeah, considering it's a list compiled by a group of people, not all of whom are Tex fans, I think it's a pretty strong showing.

I've noticed that the Tex series' stature in the adventure game community has gone way up in recent years. In the early 2000s, you would seldom see them acknowledged alongside the genre's greats, possibly because of the campy FMV style, but now people seem to recognize how great they were/are.
I always thought like many of us here that pandora should have been at least no.5.

the last express should not have been in front of pandora, I purchased it on gog & I must admit I couldn't play anymore more than the first 15 mins of it.
tex murphy is back in town
Are Portal and Portal 2 adventure games?? They are basically puzzle games. A puzzle game is more repetitive in that the same basic mechanic of puzzle solving repeats itself throughout the game, and that certainly applies in Portal 1 & 2.
Portal and Portal 2 are puzzle platformers. I don't like that Adventuregamers has gotten more liberal in their definition.