Wrote a Tex Murphy article

So I've been writing for this video game web site (unpaid) for a year now, and for some reason have not written a Tex Murphy themed article til now. This one is basically me reminiscing playing The Pandora Directive for the first time.

http://www.thunderboltgames.com/feature ... or-pc.html
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Nice article. Thanks for evangelizing Tex and furthering the cause.

I wasn't quite in the same boat as you; I was married, with children, and had a career by the time UAKM came out. My wife and I played all 3 of what I call the real Tex Murphy games together, me operating the computer, and my wife taking notes, doing drawings (she's a way better artist than me), and both of us strategising. It was great, and she misses it as much as me. We are both looking forward to this new game.
Nice article.

I played UAKM first and hears about Pandora from a friend who had a subscription to PC gamer.

I found UAKM in a thrift store in the summer 1996, and I was just about to start Grade 9. I played it that summer and Pandora came out just after I finished it.

Fun Times.