Ridiculous adventure game logic (Pandora spoilers)

TBD wrote:Hi all.

In my excitement about the new game I just played Pandora again for the 3rd or 4th time.

Still one of my favourites.

But something at the end bothered me. Was wondering if I'm the only one.

Where the hell did Malloy get the black dagger and why did he pawn it?

Did I miss an explanation or is it just ridiculous adventure game logic?

Other examples include "My destination is just past this scary ancient temple. I can't be bothered going around, so I'll just go through and risk my death on many traps with no real reason to think there's even an exit on the other side."

and "Rather than meet with this guy and tell him the situation I'll set up a meeting then break into his house and steal his stuff while he's gone"

Any other fun examples people have noticed? Or are any of these examples actually real logic rather than adventure game logic.
Jackson Cross must of been smart and went around the temple... as he just appeared... and obviously he didn't exit to the ship the way Tex and Regan got there!

Though the thought of Jackson Cross walking through the fireball chamber amuses me lol

- Chris
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