Tex is WAY out of character as an over-imbibing, selfish, beligerant PI with little concern for anything but his own personal welfare and the bottle of booze he seems to carry with him
I disagree here, Tex has always been switching between being a selfish prick and being a nice guy, as we understand he's been hard living for ever since he betrayed his friends at the police department and setup as a PI- but he lived as a bum for a large portion of that time (see Overseer and how he met Chelsea for the first time LOL), I think it was always possible for Tex to go back to that if he was hit with hard times. I actually like bad tex, but I wish it was possible to have more freedom over his self destruction.

I'm never one to see characters as simply two dimensional and in all fairness I don't think Tex or Emily should be treated as such, I think we can clearly see they are three dimensional as they at least bothered to flesh out Emily's backstory, same with Gus, so we've got characters here that aren't all they seem on the surface.

I think Regan can be at least trusted loosely on the info she gives about Emily since we can see there's tensions between the two (ask Emily about Regan, and Regan about Emily and you can see the story matches up somewhat- they both have pretty similar opinions about each other.), as for everything after that.... well.. lol we know that Regan just wanted money, the second she knew about the device all trust gets thrown out the window... which happens very fast.
I think Leach's character change is totally justified on path C, because Tex has to be a jerk to Gus to get there. However it would have been nice to see a quick shot of Gus in Emily's doorway, watching him save Emily's life on the other paths to further justify his acceptance of Tex.

As far as Emily's proposition I didn't see it as a character change just a desperate reaction to path C Tex. However I wouldn't want a woman who thinks adulterous sex is acceptable as a bargaining chip no matter what the circumstances.
EIGHTEEN?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! :shock: Whoa... I always had her pegged as twenty-six! Having never had the heart to walk down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, I always saw Emily Sue as a sweet, ordinary girl unwittingly caught in extraordinary machinations.