UAKM Movie?

Does anyone else out there think that Under A Killing Moon would make a great movie? I was thinking adapting Aaron Conners source novel with all the back story that they couldn't fit into the game originally.

It is such a good story that I think it deserves another life form. If only I was a millionaire entrepreneur I would gladly put up the money to make it happen.
Oh yeah, and also having that bad ass saxophone intro somewhere in it.
Adrian Carr get to direct UAKM film!:)
Why watch a movie when you could play an Interactive Movie..? I mean that's basically the sales pitch access used with UAKM, so yeah that's my opinion on the matter.

Also Overseer was basically already a movie in the form of Plan 10 from outerspace.
would be cool though to cut and paste all the games cutsceens into a form of movie just for the hell of it ;) its like when you wanna play it but dont want to play it if you know what i mean, i have this with a lot of games i have completed a lot of times, where i just want to feal the atmosphere, or experience the story. Though i think it would be a long movie but i got time ;) but making a "hollywood" block buster out of it, hmm i would much rather see it as a HBO mini series :D
keep dreaming
I actually watched Overseer on youtube not too long ago with nothing but the cut scenes. All the game play was edited out and all you saw was the cinematic sequences. It was like 14 parts at about 8 minutes for each video. It was cool for me to watch it because I haven't played overseer since about 10 years ago.
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