Yahtzee references Under A Killing Moon again... Epic laughs

http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/ ... he-Conduit

that was awesome and yeah I have no idea why they did that? what they couldn't afford an extra 4 polygons and some low res textures?.. is the wii that restrictive?..
Yes, the Wii, or the Gamecube Plus as I like to call it, does in fact blow.
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yeah I have a wii and everything, its just I haven't played it for very long.. its gathering dust as we speak. Mum bought it for XMas last year (with Wii Music btw... I ripped her head off for that one.. I know its pretty mean but still I'm like "you picked the WORST game for the console WTF?! this is why I don't let you shop for games- please come to me if you have any video game queries in the future." suffice to say after one play through we immediately put it back in its case and there it has remained... and will never be opened again Me = 1 Mum = 0. Yes its just that bad.. even my mum agreed and apologized to me.. Way to go Nintendo.. you turned my mum off of casual games.. that's forking brilliant.)

Anyway the console has done nothing to win me back but a certain game by Warren Spector might.. assuming the wag and win policy is ditched.. I personally think though its a waste of his talent to be working on a cartoon platformer when the obvious choice for him is CLEARLY a cartoon RPG, I mean duh.. he's the guy that wrote Toon... Disney seriously needs to get its head out of its ass and use the talent it has- Spector is the best RPG designer in the biz, Deus Ex and System Shock.. Not good enough for you? You then decide OMFG lets make a guy associated with RPGs and FPSs work on a Platformer... a Genre he's not really known for.. Are you that stupid?! for that matter why is a developer that's usually associated with PC releases now working on Wii games?..

This industry is forking moronic.

Oh btw guys I found another job, though it may not be in video games its similar- we're doing more multimedia stuff- well at least I have work so I'm not complaining :D.
There are a few things I want for the Wii right now. But I am financially restricted. I did see the reference from Yatzee and was very pleased.
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My parents learned some years back to just get me Gift Cards instead of trying to pick out a game for me... Unless it was a Specific game I asked for...

My Wii has been gathering dust for awhile as well... For as many consoles they have sold, you'd think there would be a far better selection for games... I do want to get and try that new Indiana Jones game they have out for it, just haven't been to a gaming store in awhile to pick one up...
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