Another UAKM "puzzle"

lotus_j wrote: I think people throw around the word "misogynistic," too much. I don't even think people know what it means. It means that the content shows HATRED towards women or a major DISTRUST of women. It doesn't mean it's "sexist." I don't think CJ or AC hate women or distrust them or meant to give off that opinion.
You misunderstand. The "HATE" isn't the inter-personal kind of hate you're thinking of because it happens on a societal level. It means that women are seen as less valuable than men, partly because value is defined by patriarchal society. It can be done under the pretense of "loving" women, too, so it's not the same thing.

AC and CJ very likely don't hate women. But they are likely a part of a problem that they didn't create.
lotus_j wrote:It's a spoof of a Film Noir. It all makes sense when you look at it that way.
Yes, this is 100% true. The attitude is built-in.