UAKM for Windows - Teaser

saj wrote:
kevin_y wrote:...But when I "look" at an object and hear Tex's comments, I cannot move until Tex finishes talking. The original game lets you go back to movement mode while you hear Tex. Some of Tex's dialog is long, so you may want to let the player move while he is talking.
You can click on the left mouse button to skip any media (including startup Access video), I suppose I could also add 'space' as a valid skip function. Unfortunately I can't easily allow movement while media is playing, it is a limitation of the way the scripts work (a script currently playing media could lead to a new location being loaded after media is finished, moving about could result in another location loaded as well).
I meant to say that *Overseer*, not the original UaKM, lets you move around while Tex is still talking. Whether you can do that for your game or not, I wish you the best of luck and success. Modernizing the movement control is much needed. This is similar to System Shock getting the WASD control and mouselook a while back.
Any updates? This is a great idea! I remember reading a review of UAKM a while back where a player gave up on the game because the controls were too much for them, and this would change that completely.
This is awesome ! Thank you very much !!
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