The End of Time Part One

Whoa just watched Part One last night. It was so strange and I'm very confused.

I don't understand what the heck they did to resurrect the Master. It looked more like magic than science to me. I think they've been watching too much Harry Potter. Where the heck did the Master get these strange new powers from? It's not making much sense to me.

And at the end they are talking about bring back all the Time Lords too? Hopefully they'll explain it all in Part Two. Who's got that kind of power?

I hope Donna makes it through okay. Don't know how the Doctor is going to be able to save her from dying this time.

Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.
Sam, in all honestly, I did not read one single word of your post as I have not seen this episode yet. I'm still waiting for it to air out here in Australia. So far, I know nothing about it apart from it including the master and yet anothe plan to take the Earth over. I've managed to avoid Internet spoilers so I plan on staying that way. Basically, I want to be just as surprised as the Brits.

I do intend on returning soon to discuss it though :) Can't wait.