Overseer DVD version on Gog

Got some bad news concerning this.

I sent Aaron a message on facebook asking about it.
Here is what he said.

"As far as I know, there is no plan to release the DVD version of Overseer. I think there were some big technical issues. It could change in the future." Aaron Conners.
I don't think anyone really had their hopes up concerning this... As Plumgas said somewhere else, there is no money to be gained by putting the time and effort into this... People who have paid for the current game aren't going to spend money just for a little bit better video... And to give it away for free would be a waste in their time and efforts...
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The problem was dvd express, the company no longer exists & another company had the rights & that company no longer exists & gog was unable to include it in the game without the rights to the software.

A guy posted on gog that he converted the mpeg files & found it didn't need dvd express.
however gog wasn't interested in following it up. see below

Basically what I've done is:

-convert all the video files to mpeg1
-update the game to v1.04
-set the processor affinity for Overseer.exe to run on a single cpu.
-twiddled with the settings in the configuration files somewhat
-the only thing you have to install now is RTX audio, the DVD Express Player is no longer needed, but you still have to configure the game to use it as none of the other decoder options function correctly.

Also note that I have actually improved video quality by deinterlacing the video and applying various filters. I'm pretty happy with it:)

Basically, all gog would have to do to make this work is to make their own working no cd patch for the dvd version. So gog team, please contact me if you need any assistance. I know there is interest in the community for this, but your lack of interest in our progress so far has been somewhat disconcerting:P

I made my modified version from the original dvd and am running the game on a new iMac with Windows XP through BootCamp for those interested:)
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I think it comes down to lack of money - or more importantly lack of income. Why spend time and money on something where the return will be so little?

I thought it was a great gesture for Aaron and Co to allow two Tex games as free downloads but those who had bought previously wanted 'something extra' because they'd paid for the games.

It's a toughie - those who paid may feel cheated, but then again they got to enjoy the games earlier, they can feel like they alone are helping to fund the next one in the series etc, and if you look at other sites eg iTunes - the fact that people have paid full price one day for something that is reduced or even given away at a later date doesn't then allow those who have gone before to a full refund - that would be unfair on those who sell the product in the first place.

I would pay money for this, but having said that, I'd pay more money for the next game in the series and something that is completely new to me, and I think their time is better spent doing that.