Superman The Man of Steel movie

So saw this trailer before Batman.

Really excited for this. Loved the movies with Christopher Reeve as a child. Actually got into Superman due to these, rather than from the comics.

Got into the comics when I heard they killed superman in 1991/1992. Then I bought my first one.

Anyway, back to the movie. So Zak Snyder will be directing this, from Watchmen and 300 fame, with David S Goyer, writer of the the new Batman Trilogy, wrote the story. Nolan is acting as consultant. I think this has a good chance of properly rebooting this series.

I didn't mind Superman Returns as it captured the spirit of the old Superman movies, but there was just something missing underneath it all.

Snyder needs this movie to succeed too.... as his last few did poorly. Since he is not writing the story, it should do great... He should just stick to directing.

It looks like they are more going to focus on how Superman's powers make him feel alienated from society... an outsider and really lonely which means it should be a very emotional film. Reminds me of the take that was done with the old Hulk TV show with Bill Bixby. Looks like it will be good

Anyway, anybody else looking forward to this??
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Seriously Matt. I'm kinda burnt out on superhero movies now.

Avengers (including the associated movies)
Spiderman (which was too soon for a reboot)
Green lantern

Can we have a good movie about regular people doing regular stuff again?

Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.
Matt, I am very much looking forward to the Man of Steel. I'm ready for my favorite superhero to get back a lot of his cred, and I'm hoping this project is the one to do it!
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You know, I haven't seen most of the new super hero movies, and here lately, I haven't been watching too many movies in general.

I might be one of the few, but I actually liked the last superman movie, and was confused when I seen it was being remade ... again. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor was what really made it for me. It could have had a bit more action in it for my tastes, but overall I liked it.

Now we're getting a new cast and new director? That'd be like taking my spider man series and rema--- .... oh yeah. Never mind.

I'm getting burnt out on all the remaking personally. From Batman, Superman, Spiderman and everything in and between its what everyone wants to see, so they're going to keep churning them out. Personally, if there going to keep doing super hero pics, we need new original super heroes. These other guys, unless they're making sequels and not remakes ... I'm just seeing the same story rehashed over and over and over.
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Well at least there is one that is excited :lol:

I've been a fan since I was a kid, and I think this one needs a remake.

I liked the last one, but I think a remake would have been better at that time.