Help Stephen Colbert Fight Cancer!

Since Three Cards to Midnight is going to be so affordable, maybe you-all can spare some money for a good cause?

Stephen Colbert, family, and The Colbert Report staff participated in "Race for the Cure" recently. But it's not over yet! The Colbert Report's Team page still exists and is taking donations! ... fr_id=1150

And Mr.Colbert's personal page is here: ... fr_id=1150

You can donate any amount you want, and if you donate to a personal page, your name/message and donation amount go in a nifty scrolling box! So donate and write something weird in the box, why don't you? Maybe in the name of Tex Murphy? :wink:
Better yet, send me money :D
Travis Jacobs

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"Help Stephen Colbert Fight Cancer!"

Stephen Colbert has cancer?
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freepizza wrote:Better yet, send me money :D
Your Paypal address?

I helped sponsor my :wink: in this years Seattle's Race for the Cure, and awhile back in the LiveStrong ride and the Komen 3 day.