Read the Novels by Aaron Conners

I know I'm basically speaking to myself here and I'm not even sure anyone other than a bot is going to read this, but anyway...

I first played the commodore 64 version of Mean Streets as a little kid back in 1989 and it introduced me to the world of detectives, future and past. Since then, I've read just about every classic detective novel ever written and consider myself a bit of an expert on them. Not to mention tons of TV detective shows like Columbo, Rockford Files, etc. etc. I can't get enough of detective stories and it pretty much all started with Tex Murphy for me.

Chandler, Hammett, Spillane, Stout, Christie, Ross Macdonald, John D. Macdonald and on and on.

You'd think I would have at least picked up and read one of the Tex Murphy novels, but somehow, I hadn't.

Well, over the past week I finally read Under a Killing Moon and was beyond impressed. Aaron Conners is a helluva good writer. Yes, the novel is better than the game. For starters, it takes itself more seriously than the game ever does and delivers a story that was everything I wished the game was back in 1994. I loved the game, but this was THE REAL STORY.

The prose is fantastic. This is professional, grade A fiction. Man, I should have read these years ago.

When those next Tex Murphy novels come in, I will have them on day one.
Totally agree with you buddy.
Thank you.
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Always had a funny feeling this place is just all bots and I'm the only human.

Are you real Jim?
Let me put it this way: When confronted with a website's query - "I am not a robot" - I hit cancel and plug myself in to a charging station.
"If you look to me for illumination, you better have a flashlight!"
We are all bots and ghosts of the past here.

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I really enjoyed the novels as well. I even finished reading pandora directive before I ever finished the game. Aaron is a good writer. I probably need to dive into some of his other stuff.
Travis Jacobs

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And waiting for Aaron to finish the next novel too, which has been due for ... some time now. Finger crossed it comes out soon.