Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

A pulp noir detective story with elements of horror. It sounds positively perfect in every way. Have any of you tried it yet? I expect to purchase it sometime next week. ... ary;review
I've played it through. It tries to innovate in a few ways and does so really well for the most part (at times even extremely well). The story didn't do much for me but it was pretty creepy at times. The game tries to hide it's low budget, but if you scratch the surface ever so slightly it shines through pretty clearly. If you're used to adventure games you're bound to be used to low budgets anyway though.

All in all I enjoyed it as a step in the right direction for adventure games. I wouldn't actually rate it quite as high as Gamespot did (which must be a first for adventure games), but I'd still recommend it to any adventure gamer. To hear "the other side of the story" you can read Adventure Gamers' review. If you mix it with Gamespot's you've pretty much summed up my opinions of the game.,730/