What a tragic disappointment. This game picked up on almost NONE of the best parts of the original, and focused entirely on cheap, linear game play without any real puzzles. I felt like I was playing a Tomb Raider demo half the time. The banter was bad, the control over the "interrogations", what few there were, was awful.

Puzzles? What puzzles? The simplistic locks that you had to solve? Or the gate where you had to turn a bunch of switches? This isn't Mario, it's TLJ 2. Don't even get me started on that ridiculous combat interface. It was bad enough in Indigo Prophecy, but to ruin TLJ with it is another offense all together.

Ugh, so disappointing.

And the ending? LAME. April dies, and Zoe just goes to sleep forever? Zoe I didn't care about because I thought she was a bad character, but April's death was wasted.

I can't even explain how bad this game was.
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You may not have liked the ending, but compare it to that of Overseer, where the protagonist and his girlfriend are both abruptly shot with no explanation? There'll obviously be a sequel to Dreamfall, where things will be explained. It did at least resolve the storyline about the little girl, which was the thing that set Zoe on her path to begin with.

While the combat sequences were poorly implemented and there could have been more puzzles, I liked the Zoe character very much (and that marvelous voice of hers, with the British accent), how there were alternate solutions to many of the situations you found yourself in, and how you could influence later events (such as the ending) by what dialogue options you chose earlier in the game.

I tend to enjoy endings like this one, where the "bad guys" seemingly wins and we are left to speculate on the many loose ends. A refreshing change from most of the "everything turns out right" games out there. I love a good mystery.
What a waste.
I love Dreamfall. In fact it's my favorite game in several years. Then again I'd rather have an amazing story and interesting characters than elaborate gameplay. A sequel in the episodic format has been confirmed thanks to government funds. Development isn't expected to start until they've finished developing Age of Conan.
Figured this might be of some interest.
Funcom announces Dreamfall Chapters
TLJ saga to continue through episodic online content
News out of Norway today will delight the many fans of The Longest Journey saga and raise a few eyebrows at the same time, as Funcom has announced the continuation of the series through the online, episodic release of Dreamfall Chapters.

As first alluded to in their third quarter financial report last year, the future of Dreamfall lies not in one final installment, but in a series of new episodes to be delivered exclusively online. In announcing Dreamfall Chapters, Funcom did speculate that "there may be retail releases with combined chapters, both for console and PC, at a later stage," though this is by no means guaranteed.

Funcom is not disclosing any details about Dreamfall Chapters for the time being, except to say that they will pick up right where the previous game left off, which will no doubt come as a relief to those left agonizing over Dreamfall's cliffhanger ending.

Making Dreamfall Chapters possible is financial assistance from the Norwegian Film Fund, whose grant will allow Funcom to "establish a core technology team which will research online-only delivery methods of episodic content, as well as lay the foundation for a later pre-production phase of Dreamfall Chapters."

Looking even farther ahead, Funcom is also toying with the notion of a TLJ MMO. This seems a logical fit given the developer's experience in online gaming through Anarchy Online and the upcoming Age of Conan, though at present this is only a concept being considered.

There is no target release for the first installment of Dreamfall Chapters, but as pre-production has yet to begin, it will be some time yet. Nevertheless, it's encouraging to know that the TLJ will indeed continue, and of course we'll be following details of its progress closely in the coming months.
Funcom drops "offline" PC games
Piracy is to blame, apparently
Funcom, the developer behind the adventure game classics The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, have announced their decision to stop producing traditional, offline PC games, reports the Norwegian newspaper E24. Funcom, who previously have mentioned MMOs and adventure games as their primary focus, blames piracy as the reason for the decision.

According to Funcom's Trond Arne Aas, there had been over 200,000 illegal downloads of Dreamfall, even before its release last year. Also, he estimates that for each PC game that is sold, between 3 and 10 times as many is stolen, thus resulting in Funcom's decision to stop producing offline PC games.

No info was given on the recently announced Dreamfall chapters, although given the fact that the project has already gotten financial assistance from the Norwegian Film Fund, we have all reason to believe that they are still on schedule. However, this could result in PC gamers needing to have an active internet connection in order to verify the game's authenticity.

Funcom is no newcomer to online gaming, as they have already released Anarchy Online and countless add-ons. Also, Funcom has already mentioned the possibility of an online game set in the The Longest Journey universe. Their highly anticipated Age of Conan will be released for PC and Xbox360 later this year.
A TLJ MMO might be interesting, but I question how many people will actually buy it. I'd adore a Tex MMO, but again how many people would buy that to make it really worth developing into a solid game?

I was disappointed in every possible way by Dreamfall. I thought the voice acting was so bad that I generally skipped ahead by just reading the subtitles. If they want me to pay for these online chapters, they're going to have to do a lot of work convincing me, because I frankly don't give a hoot what happens to Zoe Castillo. At all.

Was her name Chloe in other countries?
What's MMO stand for?
Andy wrote:Was her name Chloe in other countries?
No, that was just me mixing names together... edited. :)
Bjyman wrote:What's MMO stand for?
"Massively Multiplayer Online game", I believe. What the World of Warcraft and Anarchy Online are.
I like Dreamfall. I can understand your qualms with the game however. Some people just have no connection with Zoe. I seemed to form a bond with her, however. I'll agree that a few things occured at the end that made you go "WHAT!?!" ... like April dying, and the abrupt ending, but it's cliffhanger in all of it's glory. Sooo many question are unanswered.

The game surprised me in the sense that it was a very good game, that could sale to a teenage audience, if not for the F-bombs the game dropped. Wow, those made some of the dialouge parts intense for me. More gritty, and realistic. I mean face it, if you go to the ghetto of a city, you're going to hear that language not some spruced up nancyboy wishywashy words like frack, arse, or the like.

Was it linear, yes, but in all honesty ... most adventure games are. It's just a matter of finding the path.

The fact that you spent enough time with it to finish it out to the end, means that at least you didn't find it unplayable to the point of not caring about it at all.

As for the end, I personally believe that April didn't die, but shifted back into the real world ... where she is going to revive Zoe in the next installment.
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I thought that when Zoe arrives home and Wonkers tells her she has a visitor on the balcony that it would be April, but as we all know I was wrong.

I suppose that their willingness to use more realistic language was a plus, but since I skipped as much of the spoken dialogue as possible, I didn't get the full affect.

I really disliked the entire Apostle sub-plot. Unless they expand it dramatically in these online episodes, the whole thing was just a distraction, or some kind of effort to make the player "see the other side", which it didn't even do well.

With that said, putting parts into a game as setup for the next one, that don't really have a place in the game itself is just silly to me, unless they have check in hand to make the next game. Now, maybe that's sacrilege considering that AC and CJ did that very thing, but I just feel short changed by it in the case of Dreamfall. It would have been the same game without any of the Apostle stuff.
Andy wrote:...I skipped as much of the spoken dialogue as possible...
*rubs eyes*

I could listen to Wonkers forever.
Wonkers was funny but...I just couldn't deal with the voice acting.
Andy wrote:Wonkers was funny but...I just couldn't deal with the voice acting.
It was his voice more than what he said that I fell in love with. His voice is actually my favorite voice acting in any game I've ever played. Such incredible depth and emotion, and still he was believable as a robot. An amazing feat.

Then again I loved Zoë's voice as well, and found the voice acting strong in general.
Gives me an idea.

Pirates, vampires, zombies, ninjas, ghouls, aliens, goblins, monsters, robots, sorcerers, undead, werewolves, demons, mutated dinosaur-cyborgs and those pesky phone salesmen! The shotgun is a one-size-fits-all solution!
And that idea is?