Talking Dogs...


this will give you a good laugh.
man glad i wasnt drinking at the time becouse i would have messed up the screen bigtime
Live is too short to waste it make sure its with the one u love !
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That last dog "I want my mumma!"... classic!!! :lol:
And the other dog "I want it!" hahaha.

-Cub. =o)
Now that's entertaining. If you're hungry for more wacky animals, take a look at this one too. It's a dalmatian that gets a bit too involved with the Lady and the Tramp movie, starts howling in chorus with the animated dogs and looks for them outside the window.

Keep in mind that the audio isn't entirely in sync with the visuals however.
Imaginary Tex game scene. . .

(* click on television, that has a dog's face on the screen *)

Tex says. . .

"Here's a classic video collection of dogs talking, saying 'I want my momma.' It takes me two bottles of bourbon before I start saying that. . .or to hear dogs talking, for that matter."
Never too late for coffee, never too early for beer.