A newcomer with a few questions and a bit of praise

Hello all, figured I might as well introduce myself. I'm a 26-year-old Norwegian who's been a Tex-fan since back in '95 when I played UaKM for the first time, marveling at the wonderful atmosphere, comedy and amount of detail in the game (I remember laughing my ass off while re-watching some piano scene in particular, but the details of it escape me). While I've mostly played adventure/horror games such as the Longest Journey and the Gothic, Silent Hill and Resident Evil series the past few years, no games have measured up to my favourites; the Pandora Directive and the Beast Within. It's got little to do with the fact that they're both FMV games, and everything to do with the wonderful storytelling and sense of mystery found in both.

As a newcomer here, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions.

1) Can you recommend me some ambient blues-like music similar to what we hear in the Tex Murphy games? Would be great to set the mood while reading mystery novels and such.

2) When was the last time you heard from Chris Jones himself, and out of curiosity, do you have a recent photograph of him? It'd be interesting to see what he looks like after all these years.

Thanks, I've enjoyed re-exploring this site -- very good work.

PS: I *can't believe* I didn't learn about the Radio Theater episodes until last night.
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Ah, priceless.
Welcome! Flip your legs up on the table and take a load off with the rest of us.

This makes, what, 3 norwegians on the boards here now? Wow. Out of curiosity, where in Norway're you from?

K.T.F. (as Jim would say, if he used abbreviations)


PS: We hear from Aaron Conners and Adrian Carr now and again, and as for what CJ looks like now, I'm afraid he's old and gray and wrinkled and has a handlebar mustache, complete with beerbelly. Just kidding, the guy is bearing his age with remarkable grace, he doesn't look any different now than when he played Tex. To his co-conspirator's great dismay :D
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Welcome to the board, fellow from a neighbour country (I'm Danish myself) ;)

The piano scene can be seen in my sig and his "performance" in the scene is as follows:

"Good evening, Ladies and Germs. I'm your entertainer tonight, mr. Franko Spinosa. I'm gonna play you a song that I know you'll love. *music starts playing* Listen to this one.

Hot and Cold ... That's what it does to me ... Hot and Cold ... The shower sprays on me ... La la la - HEY - La la la laaa ... Oh, to hell with it"

That may be my absolute favourite scene from UaKM ;) It's darn funny!

Anyway - once again welcome and be sure to check back every once in a while. We're a great bunch of Tex-freaks here and we don't bite (that hard) :D

/// NetRoam
Welcome Blackeyed81; good to see a new face, er, typer. The more who visit the better!

Here's a pic of Chris and Aaron taken a couple of years ago.

"If you look to me for illumination, you better have a flashlight!"

"We don't get many like you in here. Drinks are not free. PI's like you snooping around ain't needed."

Always wanted to us that line. Again, welcome.
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Thanks for the warm welcome, all.

Yeah that sounds like the one, netroam.. the abrupt "oh, to hell with it" was priceless. Too bad these video clips aren't available on YouTube.. just finished watching some from the Beast Within there.

Thanks for the photo Jim, though I couldn't really make out his face there... very blurry. I'll just take your word for it that he's still perfectly Tex-shaped, Fred Buer. Ah and I'm from Drammen.

Here's the link to an online radio theater called "Audio Noir", which broadcasts detective stories and such 24/7. It's got a very noir sound to it. http://www.shoutcast.com/sbin/shoutcast ... lename.pls

Do you know of any good collections of quotes from the Tex Murphy games?
Welcome to the forum! Glad you could make it :) Hope you have fun!

I love that piano scene too. That song is just pure genius :D I wish that scene was longer.

Yeah it'd be good to get some more Tex Murphy videos beyond trailers onto Youtube. There were a few more but they got deleted sadly.

For Tex Murphy quotes there's quite a few in this thread, enjoy!
http://www.unofficialtexmurphy.com/phpb ... .php?t=175
(Ruri_Ayanami from the old Tex Murphy ezboard).
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Welcome to the community. A place where the party never stops and there is an abundance of Geritol.

Hey, you can't keep a good thing down!

Anyhow, welcome aboard!

-Cub. =o)
Welcome aboard, Blackeyed81!:)
Hi! Welcome!

In response to your question about Chris Jones. There was an interview he did a year or two ago about a project. Stolen Life.

It's not a new joke, and I'm sure I won't be the last one to mention it, but somewhere locked away in a forgotten closet there must be a mouldering, rotting oil painting. Cause the damn man doesn't look like he's aged a day. He still looks fantastic! Rumor has it, it's due to clean living, but I'm skeptical! :D
The interview is here.

http://files-01.machinima.com/hosted/Na ... racter.mp4

The main page on the Project, which I really am curious about what's going on.


Adrian Carr is also still kicking around. His work is on Youtube, but here's recent video footage of him.


Nothing really recent on Aaron Conners, but I'm sure he's looking as studly as the other 2. :wink:

Glad to have another member of the international community!
*Pulls his beaten up wagon alongside the rest of 'em already here*

Sorry I'm late, my welcome wagon had a flat tire...err...broken axle...

Seriously though, welcome to the board, post often, its like frequent flier miles...
Yeah, and I was asleep in the back of his wagon... Welcome.
Travis Jacobs

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jcarnby wrote:*Pulls his beaten up wagon alongside the rest of 'em already here*

Sorry I'm late, my welcome wagon had a flat tire...err...broken axle...

Seriously though, welcome to the board, post often, its like frequent flier miles...
freepizza wrote:Yeah, and I was asleep in the back of his wagon... Welcome.

:lol: Those made me laugh out loud. Good stuff!

Can I join in?...

I ate the wagon wheels. :oops:

-Cub. =o)
*Blackeyed is hired to investigate the case of the missing wagon wheels*

Well this has been a helluva good welcome, actually. You must've been yearning for some fresh blood eh?

Thanks for the very informative post, Jen. I checked out the trailers for "Stolen Life" and "Blood Makes Noise". While the game didn't look very promising at all, I enjoyed Carr's video footage. Good to hear they're both keeping busy (as long as they're not too busy).

You'll be pleased to hear that I got in touch with the guy who's been uploading video clips from "Under a Killing Moon" on YouTube. He guarantees that he'll be uploading more of them, and that the piano scene most definitely will be included. I'd like to see that final showdown between Tex and Gideon in Overseer as well -- it's a pity I no longer have the games.
I just checked out the Audio Noir website (http://www.audionoir.com). Cool! Sounds like James Earl Jones in the intro (I assume it's not). Great radio drama.

Oh, and lest I forget myself. . .welcome, blackeyed81!
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