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It's been a long time since I had the mouse flickering and mouse pointer disappearing problem, you could check in the tex ini file and see if lock video is set to 1 or 0. it could be set as -1 change to 1. personally I have only 1 pc that will run overseer on windows 10 and that's a microsoft surface
October 12, 2020 • 2:19 am by plumgas

yes Jerry Dan it does look good, I miss the days when we were all sitting here.
October 07, 2020 • 3:54 pm by plumgas

Re: Still any way to claim Tesla Effect kickstarter rewards?

Hey fellow Tex fans! Hope you're all staying safe and keeping healthy. It's cool to see this forum still up after all these years. With everything else that comes and goes, it's nice when you stumble across something that brought you joy years ago, and not only is it still there, but your login sti...
August 09, 2020 • 2:38 am by plumgas

Re: Need help

the computers these days are 64 bit and the old cd don't run on windows 10,
go to gog or steam but gog is cheaper at the moment. UAKM & pandora are your best buy. the earlier 2 games would probably not look that good on a bigger monitor.
overseer will run on win 10 but it does need tweaking.
June 12, 2020 • 7:46 pm by plumgas

Re: Poisoned Pawn?

if you want to know more about the game visit
May 17, 2020 • 11:54 pm by plumgas

Re: Poisoned Pawn?

the guys are not getting paid for the work they are doing.
May 17, 2020 • 5:26 pm by plumgas

Re: Poisoned Pawn?

they are still working on the game but it's only worked on in the guys spare time.
May 16, 2020 • 4:04 pm by plumgas

Re: Aaron Conner's website

I sent aaron a message so he probaly fixed it up.
April 08, 2020 • 7:04 pm by plumgas

Re: Aaron Conner's website

yes I checked also, will ask aaron
April 08, 2020 • 1:21 am by plumgas

Re: Overseer GOG Anasazi Gear Puzzle Desktop crash

windows 10 is really tricky, some people can run it and others have no luck. I can't play it on my dektop but can play on windows 10 microsoft surface which has only on board graphics. My dektop at work is windows 10 32 works perfectly with dgvoodoo so it's possible under windows 10 without using dg...
April 05, 2020 • 5:40 pm by plumgas

Re: Poisoned Pawn?

there has been some updates and other chatter on discord app
March 26, 2020 • 6:42 pm by plumgas

Re: Tesla Effect glitch?

Oh, okay, thanks. I tried to pull myself out of this situation by using the fire extinguisher as well because it sounded logical, but couldn't find the solution by myself. I feel kinda stupid now, but thanks! don't worry easy mistake, just use the fire extingusher in the bee hive room. it does a hi...
February 27, 2020 • 1:58 am by plumgas

Re: Glad it's Back!

I didn't know it went anywhere.
November 14, 2019 • 4:07 pm by plumgas

Re: Tesla Effect, sound cuts out during day 4

when the game first came out there were people with sound problems but that was all fixed up.
maybe join this group and someone could help you out there.
September 29, 2019 • 11:28 pm by plumgas

Re: Reminiscing….and of course...Tex!

I stream from my pc with the shield but I dont play the old tex games as my tv is 75 inches. I play on my surface as it a smaller screen. I doubt poisioned pawn will be finished this year as it being done by a small team in their spare time and it's a bigger game that was originally planned. when it...
August 21, 2019 • 7:20 pm by plumgas