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A few more Tex Murphy videos have been made available on YouTube now, including what I suppose is a delayed April Fools joke or somesuch:
May 04, 2007 • 2:15 am by Blackeyed81

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

A pulp noir detective story with elements of horror. It sounds positively perfect in every way. Have any of you tried it yet? I expect to purchase it sometime next week. ... ary;review
April 01, 2007 • 3:11 am by Blackeyed81

Andy wrote:Was her name Chloe in other countries?
No, that was just me mixing names together... edited. :)
Bjyman wrote:What's MMO stand for?
"Massively Multiplayer Online game", I believe. What the World of Warcraft and Anarchy Online are.
March 19, 2007 • 3:51 am by Blackeyed81

Figured this might be of some interest. Funcom announces Dreamfall Chapters TLJ saga to continue through episodic online content News out of Norway today will delight the many fans of The Longest Journey saga and raise a few eyebrows at the same time, as Funcom has announced the continuation of the ...
March 18, 2007 • 7:46 pm by Blackeyed81

I was able to find the Pandora Directive on eMule. Thanks for the great advice. :)
March 17, 2007 • 8:30 pm by Blackeyed81

You may not have liked the ending, but compare it to that of Overseer, where the protagonist and his girlfriend are both abruptly shot with no explanation? There'll obviously be a sequel to Dreamfall, where things will be explained. It did at least resolve the storyline about the little girl, which ...
March 17, 2007 • 6:39 pm by Blackeyed81

The user account of the person who uploaded them all has been suspended.
March 14, 2007 • 1:22 pm by Blackeyed81

Now that's entertaining. If you're hungry for more wacky animals, take a look at this one too. It's a dalmatian that gets a bit too involved with the Lady and the Tramp movie, starts howling in chorus with the animated dogs and looks for them outside the window. Keep in mind that the audio isn't ent...
March 13, 2007 • 6:32 pm by Blackeyed81

*Blackeyed is hired to investigate the case of the missing wagon wheels* Well this has been a helluva good welcome, actually. You must've been yearning for some fresh blood eh? Thanks for the very informative post, Jen. I checked out the trailers for "Stolen Life" and "Blood Makes Noise". While the...
March 13, 2007 • 6:11 pm by Blackeyed81

Thanks for the warm welcome, all. Yeah that sounds like the one, netroam.. the abrupt "oh, to hell with it" was priceless. Too bad these video clips aren't available on YouTube.. just finished watching some from the Beast Within there. Thanks for the photo Jim, though I couldn't really make out his ...
March 12, 2007 • 2:51 pm by Blackeyed81

A newcomer with a few questions and a bit of praise

Hello all, figured I might as well introduce myself. I'm a 26-year-old Norwegian who's been a Tex-fan since back in '95 when I played UaKM for the first time, marveling at the wonderful atmosphere, comedy and amount of detail in the game (I remember laughing my ass off while re-watching some piano s...
March 12, 2007 • 7:22 am by Blackeyed81