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Re: Another Longest Journey/Dream Fall sequel possiblity!:)

Wow, thanks for the awesome news.
Pledging :P
February 13, 2013 • 3:37 am by Vae Victis


Netherlands, Groningen
January 24, 2013 • 5:19 am by Vae Victis

Re: The Following

Nope, but sounds good. What is it called?

edit: nvm title is the title.. :oops:
January 24, 2013 • 5:19 am by Vae Victis

Re: sherlock holmes

Played this game last weekend on the xbox. Finished it in 1 sitting..
I found the previous installment pretty good and this one is even better.
September 27, 2012 • 12:24 pm by Vae Victis

Re: The Backers private area is up on BFG

I'm sorry but rule #1 of the 'Backer Discussion forum' is that you don't talk about 'Backer Discussion forum'
August 02, 2012 • 9:55 am by Vae Victis

Re: The Dark Knight Rises

Just saw the movie and have to say I think (imho) this is the best of all 3. I still think the Joker (Heath Ledger) was the best villain, but the second installment was a bit too long for my taste (it tended to drag things out a bit). Also the relation between Bane and.. not gonna spoil... was prett...
July 20, 2012 • 2:14 pm by Vae Victis

Re: Happy birthday James!

Hiep Hiep Hoera!
July 10, 2012 • 11:58 am by Vae Victis

Re: "Z."/Tex Murphy Kickstarter game card

I personally enjoyed still life 1 & 2. Based on a female FBI who is tracking down a serial killer, both are now available on gog In case you didn't know, Post Mortem. It's about the father of the female fbi agent in Still Life. Don't know if this title is on GoG, I have all of them on Steam. ps. Sy...
June 26, 2012 • 7:47 am by Vae Victis

Re: Question regarding posting music to the downloads

I say, upload them and let a mod sort it out. Users aren't lawyers and shouldn't be expected to be, and users are not running the site. If you would do that, the damage would already be done in case it's not allowed. In my opinion a big no. Beside all that, even with permission I still wouldn't do ...
June 22, 2012 • 3:05 am by Vae Victis

Re: So excited and sooo ashamed :(

Are you considered one of the oldies if you still remember the old forum?

If I remember correctly it was Jim that send me a copy of both UAKM and PD novel on pdf back in the days. Still treasure them in my inbox :D
June 21, 2012 • 1:47 pm by Vae Victis

Re: Pandora Directive Help!

Nice to hear they worked :)

Have fun!
June 21, 2012 • 12:01 pm by Vae Victis

Re: Pandora Directive Help!

Hello Stuhenry, I've uploaded some of mine in here: Could you check if it works for you? It's a mix of de cd version and gog version. Never had problem with the save files. So it should work for you. [edit]these are gamer mode s...
June 21, 2012 • 4:44 am by Vae Victis

Re: Tex Murphy Radio Theater on Youtube

oooh nice job! thanks :)
June 16, 2012 • 3:18 am by Vae Victis


Grats everyone! :lol:
June 15, 2012 • 11:53 pm by Vae Victis