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Hello plumgas.
Thanks for the reply.
I have changed before in Tex.ini LockVideo = -1 to 1 and it is much better.
It blinks much less but mouse pointer is transparent now.
Something else can be done to improve it.
Thank you!
October 12, 2020 • 5:31 am by IRON3380

Tex Overseer - the mouse pointer keeps flickering or disappearing

I have installed Tex Overseer version DVD from GOG on Windows 10. At first I had the transparencies in Tex's office. I have installed DgVoodoo and it had a black screen. After uninstalling DVD Express, the game works fine and has no transparency. Now I have a problem with the mouse cursor. It works ...
October 09, 2020 • 7:57 am by IRON3380